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Neopost knows that when it comes to mailing solutions, the market's pretty limited. When we switched from Pitney Bowes (with whose service we were entirely unimpressed) we thought we were stepping up. Not so. Since the beginning, when we leased a postage machine and folder/inserter, we've had nothing but problems and headaches. It's gotten so bad that we actually considered going back to licking stamps. Billing issues, equipment failures, poor customer service and a completely unresponsive leadership, we cannot wait until our lease expires. The only person who seems to care a whit about anything is the service Manager, who is excellent. Avoid doing business with this poorly run company.

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  • As
      Oct 22, 2012

    Very poor customer service! Operations director Aaron Steeves is very unprofessional, has no idea how to legitimate customer concerns. We have purchased Hasler WJ 185 after talking to sales person that this would the best fit for our kind of business. The economy slowed our operations and we did not use the machine to capacity. After completion of our first year we got an error on the machine that our ink cartridge has expired even though 85% of the ink was still in the cartridge. We called National Mailing System and explained the situation and learnt that there is no way to reprogram the cartridge. I decided to talk to NMS and finally reached the OPERATIONS DIRECTOR (who was more interested to impress me with his title instead of addressing the issue) I repeatedly expressed my concern that every year we barely use 1/10 of the cartridge before we need to replace it. Mr. Steeves was rude and refused to address the question and asked us to contact Neopost. After inquiry, we learned that NMS has been purchased by Neopost. NMS/Neopost enjoys the monopoly with no regard to customer service or better business practices since there is no competition in the market. I was very surprised that an international company like Neopost has an unprofessional person like Aaron Steeves as an Operations Director in the Washington metro area.

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  • Ki
      Feb 27, 2013

    We have problems at times connecting to there service, this time, we have been locked out for 3 days now, called neotec 4 times, they said to unplug, re-credit, hit zero to unlock or "audit" to clear the lock out, neotec insisits it's our fax line, (but we tried to connect on 2 totally different dedicated fax lines that have been sending & receiving faxes for same 3 days, but yet, we still can't connect to neo post) neo post say's we have to call our postage meter tech, called the postage meter tech, & he say's he is inandated with these kind of calls on how people can't connect with neo post. & are getting locked out for days at a time (tech says this always happens in the 4th week of the month & not to d/l mail at this time due to the headaches it's causing alot of people
    - up to 3 days. So what postage meter guys said, came true as it's been 3 days now & (3 hours of unplugging machine, zeroing out re:credit, & calling neo post) - how frustrating it is to deal with someone that keeps blaming the machines (postage machine tech said how can everyones machines all of a sudden be breaking down all at once (and always during the last week of the month) then all the postage machines start working again - neo posts reply when this comment was mentioned was, i haven't had any complaint calls today about anyone not being able to connect. Wow... very frustrating.

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  • Fi
      Sep 10, 2013

    Our new Neopost contract comes with rate protection in the agreement. I keep getting billed for the service even though my contract shows no charge for the service. I wish they could get their act together and stop billing me.

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  • Ue
      Jul 09, 2014

    Easily the worst company I have ever done business with.

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