Neopost / apps, slogans to be exact.

Cancelled Slogans as soon as I got a bill for $100. We do NOT have a need for the service, as, it's a waste of ink. I spoke with customer service when I got a 2nd bill, and told them the service was cancelled and that we should be credited for it. I was told that I had agreed to a contract for the service and they refused to credit the amount, but they confirmed that the service was cancelled. I explained that I am not even authorized to make a decision on our funds and that iy would not get paid. The rep argued about the so-called "contract" and said she would email me the phone call as proof. I gave her my email and never got her "proof". That was 2 months ago. Now our account has been disabled so we cannot add more postage, which is unacceptable for our office. 1. I wasn't told there was a contract, 2. I wasn't authorized to say yes to anything and 3. Why should someone pay for something they aren't getting? If this isn't credited and we don't get our account enabled, I will be filing a complaint with the BBB and Attorney General. NO ONE should ever pay for services they never used.

May 05, 2018

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