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Neibauer Dental / Fraud

1 VA, United States Review updated:

too much pressure to sell dental to me and when i went for second opinion they lied about what i needed . very mad . chain dentisry. they have convenient office hours and thats what lured me . do not go there they are out for you pockets . if you go you'll see what i mean

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  • Ju
      5th of Nov, 2009
    +2 Votes

    I totally agree. They charge you alot and they send the dentures to be made oversees so it is cheaper for them but poor quality. Don't let them touch you

  • Tr
      23rd of Dec, 2009
    +1 Votes

    DO NOT GO TO GAINESVILLES, VA office. They do shoddy work. They lie. I have never been so disrespeceted and lost so much money. What a rip off. Then they show pictures of terrible teeth they've supposedly fixed then and then tell me I need a specialist for caps. What a joke. DO NOT USE THIS COOKIE CUTTER CHAIN OF DENTISTRY!!! Their the reason the joke about dentist was made "what do you call someone who flunks out of medical school?" "A dentist" Better yet a Neibauer Dental Care Dentist. Because of places like this dentist get such bad reps.

  • Be
      27th of Jan, 2010
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  • Ky
      12th of May, 2010
    +2 Votes

    I had a similar experience in their Prince Frederick office. I was told I needed much more dental work than I actually needed. I'm so glad I went for a second opinion. I will not return to their office, and would never recommend them to anyone.

  • Mj
      27th of Jun, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Neibauer Dental in Short Pump, Richmond is a scam. The dental hygienist and dentist were both blatant liars.

    I went in for a cleaning, and was told they could not do a standard cleaning because my teeth were in such poor condition. They explained I had many cavities and would need fillings, along with a special cleaning procedure because my gums were unhealthy.

    Total cost would have been around $2500! They became perturbed and abrupt when I said I would go somewhere else for a second opinion.

    Went to a family dentistry down the road, had X-rays taken, dentist said my teeth and gums were very healthy, no cavities, and I was able to get a regular cleaning. Only one minor concern; some of the enamel was worn off due to my aggressive brushing. Again, no cavities, no need for a $2500 procedure.

    Total cost was $110 for exam and cleaning.

  • Ar
      29th of Jul, 2010
    +3 Votes

    They run clicnis with cheap dentists from foreign countries who are deperate for visa or money!! Dental schools in india are the worst in the world...!! .This is totally unlike medical schools which are among the best in the world!!
    I went there because my medical doctor is a wonderful physician of Indian origin and thought the new Indian dentist at Garrinsonville office would be good too...!! wrong!!! wrong!!! they are so cheap with thier attempt to try to sell you thier work adn get money out of you...they will lick your [censor] till you agree for the expensive treatment plan...!! Neibaur is like the Mcdonalds for dental care...!! chain store with cheap docs for low quality work!! please do not go there..!!!esp. do not go to the garrisonville office.

  • Ba
      3rd of Aug, 2010
    +2 Votes

    Not to knock what you're saying about NDC, but you people's ideas about how dentists in this country are educated are very incorrect. Why don't you look into what a person has to do to get a DDS/DMD before spouting off nonsense. I bet you even think there is a difference between DDS and DMD to boot.
    @arti99 The United States does not let anyone with a dental license from a foreign country to practice here. Your Indian dentists that you hate so much DID go to school in America to get their license to practice here; it is illegal to do otherwise.
    Its obvious none of you know the similarities and differences between medical and dental schools so don't talk about topics that you have no clue about. So, instead you rely on common pop-culture scuttlebutt, assumptions, and things you've seen in movies to support your comments on dental education.
    So keep your comments in the scope of this thread and don't talk about things when you have no idea how they work.

  • Le
      7th of Aug, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I agree that Neibauer can be a overzealous on the marketing and sales pitch, but they gave me treatment and financing options to repair my front teeth and replace lost teeth that were excellent. (I went to the Great Mills, MD office.) I compared their recommendations with another dentist and found the costs to be within 5% of other estimates. I have been very happy with the results and the quality of care I received from

    That said, I found that they did try to increase cost based on increased costs of materials ( my dental work was done over 18 months time) after treatment had begun, but when I told them I was holding them to their original estimate, or going elsewhere, they completed the work for the originally estimated price.

    People, if you are spending money on dental care keep on top of the treatment options, costs, your insurance coverage, and payouts. Take charge of your care and finances and don't be pushed around. That's a good approach for dealing with any medical or dental practice. They are consultants offering services and you are the customer paying them.

  • Jl
      10th of Nov, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I had to change from a dentist I loved in Warrenton because he no longer participated with my dental insurance. I have good teeth and very healthy gums. The NDC office was staffed initially with a dentist from India I liked very much. I saw her once for a cleaning. She said everything was great. I had a complete new set of Xrays and opted for the flouride treatment that I knew I would pay out of pocket for (but I like them :o). I scheduled my 6 month check with her when I left.

    When I returned 6 months later, I was told I was seeing a different dentist because mine was no longer there. So, after a decent cleaning from the hygenist, the new dentist came in and told me one of my fillings needed to be replaced - as he could see from the XRAY I had 6 months prior. He says all this without ever looking in my mouth. He shows me their digital screen of my XRAY and tries to show me some "haze" he thinks he sees near an existing filling.

    So, I scheduled another appointment with this man I can barely understand. I am taken back to the room and he promptly numbs my mouth. He says he'll be back in a few minutes and we'll begin. AN HOUR AND A HALF LATER - I am getting up asking where he went. I was completely numb and not a single person came to check on me or tell me why I was left there.

    Long story short, he comes in and says he had an emergency and he would begin. He replaced the filing with the newer white composite, as opposed to my old gray filling. So, it looked nice - but then it hurt for days after. So, I went back saying something must be wrong. You guessed it - he didn't let it set and water had gotten under the filling and I had to do it AGAIN!!! The best part - he said, he wont charge me for the second visit - I promptly told he I wouldn't be charged for ANYTHING related to coming back and should consider charging him MY hourly rate since was was so inconvenienced last time and now again.

    I had to have my original filling replaced AGAIN and to this day, it still doesnt' feel right. I HATE this dentist office. The office itself is very pretty, and the receptionists are nice. The dental hygenists are variable - some good, others terrible - and I never see the same ones more than twice.


  • Ma
      7th of Feb, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Neibauer has twice told me that my part of the payment, after insurance, was X amount. Twice when I went to leave I was told the $ amt was more than the insurance would cover. Once it was becasue of an xray that they did months prior and I was just now being told the insurance would not pay it since I had it done within the last 3 years. As a military family that just moved here, I brought along all my records that showed when I and my family had treatment. Since I hadn't these records to the clinic, I assume they should look at them and let me know if I am going to be charged for something. Since we have moved 13 times, I have run into the xray problem before, but other dentist have waived the fee since they wanted their own xray.
    Thanks for supporting your militar families Neibauer.

  • Al
      22nd of Mar, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Just went to Neibauer 6 months ago. I was a first time patient and had a coupon for Free Teeth Whitening Kit. THey told me I had 2 cavities but I was not feeling too sure about that. Went to another dentist and I have NO cavities. Guess that's their way of getting their money back for promotions!

  • Mr
      2nd of Apr, 2011
    +2 Votes

    I'm quite surprised Neibauer hasn't been sued yet, or has he?

  • Ja
      10th of Apr, 2011
    0 Votes

    Outragous pricing!! I was in almost 3weeks ago with tooth pain. I was told I need all 4 wisdom teeth removed and 2 cavities filled. I agreed to pay their crazy prices even though I think it is rediculous. And now I have called 3 times and left a message for an appointment and still haven't heard back. Luckily for me my tooth that was hurting isn't so bad or I would have been suffering in pain for the past 3 weeks waiting around for a call back. I will be someone else and I recommend everyone else do the same.. This is unacceptable!!!

  • Le
      26th of Jul, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Agree they are overpriced. Went to Leesburg VA office they charge 1102.00 per tooth for a Crown. That doesn't include all the extra fee's such as xray, mounting, etc. 1 cap and 1 cavity filling cost me and my insurance $1500.00 which is crazy.

  • Jo
      29th of Jul, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Have had a recent experience in the Gaineville VA office. First provided with a $4000.+ estimate for work. (I had dental care done 6 months ago, so it isn't like I have never seen a dentist). Once I objected, they gave me another estimate for the most essential work. When I called to try to schedule appointment, they would not make an appointment without getting the number of my flexible spending account credit card. I would owe $703 after insurance. When I said I would give the card to them when I came for an appointment BEFORE the procedure, they said that they do not schedule appointments without assuring payment first. I told them I would pick up the films and go elsewhere. I have sent them an email so at least I feel I have tried to tell them my issues. I am contacting my flexible spending account and dental insurer to see if it is ethical to charge before the procedure. If not, I will go from there.

  • Yo
      2nd of Mar, 2012
    0 Votes

    most people are too quick to believe that dental care is not as important as your medical care. But when you have that toothache at 7pm on christmas eve and the dentist is there for you, then you love them. Take care of your teeth in the first place and you dont have to worry about whether you are 'BEING RIPPED OFF". NDC is an awesome organization and i have been going to see Young Dr. Neibauer for years and he has never steered me wrong and i love the work he does. Do not judge one dr. by your experience with another. Dr. JN would never hesitate to see me on a sunday, if i was in pain.

  • Ma
      19th of Mar, 2012
    +1 Votes

    I agree with the above reviews. I too was RIPPED off. I broke front tooth, the dentist whom I could barely understand told me she cannot fix it for 2 weeks and only if I gave them $1400 to make appt. I was desperate and put $1400 on credit card. This Indian dentist also told me I need $1600 crown/build-up on tooth on other side of mouth without taking a x-ray. Well I saw Dr Titesman in DC who was able to fix my tooth on A Sunday for a small amount of money and NO I DON'T NEED $1600 crown on right side of my mouth. PLEASE STAY AWAY

  • Pr
      25th of Apr, 2012
    +1 Votes

    I would like to say that everyone's complaints regarding Neibauer Dental Offices is absolutely true!! While the dentist and his chair assistant were very nice people, the way the company is run is totally as a used car salesman - they are out for your money! Their complete service is geared towards how quickly they can get you back into their office again! Unfortunately, when I went I was already in pain and had a terrible infection inside of a cavity. So, they had me at their mercy. But to their disadvantage, I have been to the dentitst before and I had a great dentist in Southern Va - but I had moved to Northern VA and had not yet obtained a new dentist. First, they attempted to FORCE me to sign a statement that said I would not hold them liable for my filling if I did not immediately purchase a crown within two weeks. I realize that a crown is needed following a filling, but it's not usually immeidately. I still have my last filling with no crown from EIGHT years ago. I did not sign anything, but I did proceed to obtain the root canal and the filling. I obtained the filling in Dec - it is now April and the filling is gone! It is as though they placed silly puddy in my tooth that simply dissolved over time! I will never go to them for service ever again! If anyone wants to save money or at least not through your money down the drain DO NOT use this dental company for service!! As said before ... PLEASE STAY AWAY

  • An
      19th of Jun, 2012
    +1 Votes

    DO NOT GO TO NEIBAUER!!! They told me my son had 8 cavaties and it sounded strange, so I got a 2nd opinion and he had NONE!! They told me my daughter had a cavity in the back but she really didn't have one there. This makes us believe all of the work we had done there has been LIES. The Pakistani female doctor has been there and lies to us every time and tried to get us to pay 1000s of dollors. Strange enough everytime we have been we've had cavaties.

  • Co
      9th of Aug, 2012
    +2 Votes

    Any one have tricare? If you do you need to file a grievance with the company about the workings of Neibauer. They should not be taking on military families. They are a scam and should be denied all military families on tricare. Fro me even after insurance was paid they came back to me to try and get me to pay what the insurance company did not. That's against the tricare rules. They are not suppose to do that. They are suppose to write off the remaining balance not bill the customer. I also got a mouth gaurd from them and they told me that insurance would completely pay for them both. When insurance was billed one of my insurances came back denying the service. The office should have know that they didn't cover it but they told me it was covered. The damn mouthguard doesn't even fit and I don't wear it because it hurts my teeth. I sent the dang thing back to them. Then they did a crown on one of my teeth. The tooth was very weak and the dentist that did it went back to india or somewhere. 1.5 months later the crown came off and I told them that they need to credit that crown back to my insurance company and they wouldn't. Now i'm in a battle with them currently but I am not giving up. I very well may sue the crap out of them for their faulty practices. Class act lawsuit...anyboby down to join me?

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