Natuzzi Italia / Deposit taken... Non delivery of furniture !!! 5 months later

Brent Cross London, GB
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October bought a settee paying a cash deposit and the rest on finance, Salesman promised that it would be delivered before Christmas. Despite phoning and attending the store every couple of days I was fed the same pack of lies from the sales staff who refused to give me my deposit back. Sent a complaint to the Head office in Italy, no response . In January I was told that the reason for the delay was because I chose an obsolete colour.

Customer service with this company is at best, Appalling once they have your money, Be aware you are unlightly to get your furniture within the time scales given.

I WILL NEVER buy a piece of furniture from this Brand ..Ever !!!

For the un-initiated they are Natuzzi is a set of independent retails who sell Natuzzi products..
Yet again I phone the manager, who promised to phone me back the next day with a delivery timescale ...That was three weeks ago !! Now seeking legal advice.

Mar 12, 2017

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