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National Readers Service / Pressure tactics/will not cancel

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national readers service
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After finally talking to someone. they tell me I can't cancel. I explained the situation at the time. That I was with My grandchildren at time. Was extremly over stressed. They made it all sound good. Now they won't aloud me to cancel my membership. since when is it you can't cancel something you don't want, or need. After I did the math. It's a ripp-off.. I want out.And they have the nerve to ask for $700.00 and change. To get out of it. DON'T THINK SO...


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N  15th of Aug, 2009 by 
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National Readers Service scammed my 19 year old in June 2009. Specific suggestions for dealing with this scam are on my blog www.theNRSscam.blogspot.com
Good luck! D/
A  22nd of Jul, 2010 by 
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i got the same call last year and within 7 days, they promise to give me a free watch with whatever magazines I never read and there is "no cancel" policy. I ended up to dispute this charge with AMX since there is no contract signed (well, they better could prove it and I will tell the court that I do call and ask for cancellation the very next day but they told me it's already processed and no cancellation)Today I got another phone call and I am stupid enough to give them my new address. Oh well, I am going to dispute it again if they dare to charge my card again.
A  27th of Aug, 2010 by 
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I got the call for the free watch and pay one get 12 magazines. But I said NO to the last question [that was suppose to be recorded] and hung up...but I still got billed! and it made me over-draft. I am furious and I believe People Search was the Co. that sold my info to Readers Servive OH.
A  29th of Sep, 2010 by 
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Don't even get ME started! I, too, was duped. But they have started a new tactic...going by 2 names to get you to pay, and showing 2 different totals, hoping you'll be gullible to think, "Oh God, I signed up for 2 of these!" However, when pressed you get the same service date. Hmm.

Lookout not only for National Readers Service but ALSO Midwest Publishers Inc.!

Better yet. Just don't do it! If anyone does a cold call to you tell them to take your name off their list as that is the law. If you are already on the DO NOT CALL list tell them that and that they just broke the law. See who can hang up the fastest then!

Wish I had been the wiser back in March. Still fighting my strategy using the BBB, FTC, State AG, Consumer Affairs, and the list goes on. The more complaints I can file (and print to send to these 2 companies in response to their bully tactics) the better off I hope we will all be in the end. If they took you for a ride, file away too! Thanks D for all your suggestions at your blog! Everybody should go there!
N  11th of Apr, 2011 by 
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i can say this to all those that have signed up for this service, willing or unwilling, the quickest way to cancel your account is to threaten with LAWYER, BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU, OR ATTORNEY GENERAL. i use to work for one of these companies when i was younger and needed the paycheck, but as soon as i found out what was going on, i got out of these as quick as possible. the only way they will cancel your account on the spot when a representative calls you for a payment is to threaten with a LAWYER, BBB, OR AG. just remember though, being a previous employee myself, they lie to the employees as well, saying they are legit and approved by the BBB, so please remember not to take it out on the reps that are just doing their job.

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