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..Cecilio Cruz I be calling this company to cancel my account and they be saying that they will call me the next day but never did and i continue calling and 07/07/2009 i talk to a supervisor named roberta and she was saying that her company dont cancel but i explain her that the first time they called me they told me that i was going to recieve magazines for won year for two payments of 68 dollars and i recieved in less then two mounts a payment of $139.97 an when i call they be having me online for more then in hour waiting and then they tell me they will call me the next day an i will never recieve a answer and another thing is for the payment they want me two make i only recieved 5 magazine that cost $139.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Bronx, NY97 and she told me that she will help me making a ajusment and i will pay olny $368.71 and i will recieve magazine for two years only but i explain her that i dont want no more magazines i gust want two cancel my account and i will pay the payment i just recieved an she told me they cant do that so how can cancel with this people realy if they dont want to do something i aint going to pay nothing an i cant believe you cant cancel your account like right know we are in a bad situation with the acomomy an i will pay the of $139.97 gust to get this people off of me but they gust stiling for people saying all those things that dont got no sence and that all an i hope this will stop not only for me but for alot of people two. thanks

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  • Wo
      Jul 21, 2009

    Does anyone have this compaies Postal Address? If so please reply woth it to: [protected] thank you

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  • Wo
      Jul 21, 2009

    Here's what I found, this is what we ALL need to do to help each other put theses scamers away.

    The Readers' Service
    United Readers's Service, Inc.
    Priemer Readers' Service
    International Readers' League
    America's Readers' Choice

    This is the Main Company I found; (inert evil laugh here cause they 'aint getting away) :}

    United Readers' Service, Ltd (also: Readers Service)
    13400 Madison Ave. <---near the corrner of Madison & Lewis)
    Lakewood, Oh. 44107

    FAX: [protected] (this is a 'Cleveland' #)
    Phone: [protected]

    Origianl Business Start Date: 1/1/1972
    Magazine Sales
    Magazine-Subscribtion Agents
    also, get your phone registered with the NAtional DO NOT CALL registery; then note: date/time/and what they said. "DON'T SAY A THING! ehrn their done, advise them not to call anymore then hang up. ALSO: Check the law in your STATE/County/CITY/Town to see if you can record the call WITH-OUT telling them. them. If so You them have a better lawsuit.

    Good Luck
    now print this, ok :} post it by the phone.

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  • D
      Aug 15, 2009

    National Readers Service scammed my 19 year old in June 2009. Specific suggestions for dealing with this scam are on my blog
    Good luck! D/

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  • Re
      Jan 04, 2010

    I know every customer goes through about a 45 min process with the sells person and yes they are convicing! They will do their best and rebut until you say yes or hang up. However Every customer has to verbally agree to all the terms in order for the order to be processed. You all are making a commitment to make all monthly payments then opt out because you just think of the MONEY! The sweepstakes are real! You don't have to buy the magizines but the phone rep sells the crap out of you! So who's fault is that? And to all the parents upset because you 18 or 19 year old agreed to a service, they Learned the word NO by the time they were 5 the latest so it's their own fault. They should have hung up, never gave their info via telephone, and disregarded the call. All you people trying to make the company look bad however the company never put a gun to your head and made u say yes. You did it on ur own!

    For the record, every customer has to say on record how much they are paying, for how long, that they understand that the payments are consectutive and they have to say a clear yes to give us permission to process the order. If ANY of the questions are not clearly stated then the order is killed immediately. Yes, the sales reps might be a little pushy, but isn't a car sales man too? Don't bash a company because u were to stupid to buy the magizines. The first words during the call is "this is a sales call... No purchase necessary... You have been entered into a sweepstakes ... "And it's all true. I even heard a man say, I just ordered for the free gas card and I will cancel. I don't care what they loose out on... So peoples intentions are bad and karma comes back to bite them. All I know isnif you make and agreement, morally you should keep it. The company is legit. Just make sure you know what ur doing b4 u do it.

    They do send a watch. Try to see who gives you more free, the magizine service or mcdonalds... Or a lotto ticket? Which do you have a better chance of winning?

    Obviously the company is still open for a reason...

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  • Su
      Feb 03, 2010

    I Am NOT Receiving the product that I've paid for! Your Bank should help you against Scammers. My said they will help fight this. They have filed a dispute claim and "black listed" them against taking money from my account! Now, with all the documentation throughout your sources, you can use these with the credit companies that call for collection. There is not reason why you should pay for something that you don't receive!!! Also, when you call them and they say that you cannot cancel the subscription!!!??? That's alot of money they have put into their own pockets---out of yours. We need to all get together here and put them out of business, once and for all! Nice future for our families!

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  • Su
      Feb 03, 2010

    Sit on the internet and fill out all the forms you need to cover yourself and your family! [redacted].com, Federal Trade Commission, BBB. Let's see all the places that have complained and join in.

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  • Fl
      Sep 29, 2010

    Don't even get ME started! I, too, was duped. But they have started a new tactic...going by 2 names to get you to pay, and showing 2 different totals, hoping you'll be gullible to think, "Oh God, I signed up for 2 of these!" However, when pressed you get the same service date. Hmm.

    Lookout not only for National Readers Service but ALSO Midwest Publishers Inc.!

    Better yet. Just don't do it! If anyone does a cold call to you tell them to take your name off their list as that is the law. If you are already on the DO NOT CALL list tell them that and that they just broke the law. See who can hang up the fastest then!

    Wish I had been the wiser back in March. Still fighting my strategy using the BBB, FTC, State AG, Consumer Affairs, and the list goes on. The more complaints I can file (and print to send to these 2 companies in response to their bully tactics) the better off I hope we will all be in the end. If they took you for a ride, file away too! Thanks D for all your suggestions at your blog! Everybody should go there!

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  • Jb
      Apr 14, 2011

    Can you just stop paying the National Reader Service? Because I noticed I told them I wanted to cancel because I don't even read these magazines and I didn't want it in the first place they trick people into doing the contest etc. I only paid with Money Orders not check or debit /credit cards ..But is it a good idea to just stop paying them since its a scam and alot of customers have complained to BBB.

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