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Looks like the referees team won. Also looks like referees need to have their eyes examined before the game. They could have caused themselves harm in New Orleans not making calls like they didn't.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Lafayette, LAMaybe the NFL shouldn't have sent refs fro Sothern California to officiate this game. It sure looks like their team won. They robbed the Saints and The Who Dat Nation. I don't know anyone that has confidence in the NFL officials now. But it sure looks like there team won. How crooked can the get?

Jan 22, 2019
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  • Js
      Jan 23, 2019

    The blown pass interference call in the Saints/Rams game is the WORST mistake in the history of the NFL!! The NFL - Roger Goodell needs to fix this and have this situation re-played, which evidently he can do. If this is not grounds to do that then nothing is! This robbed a team of the SUPER BOWL!!! How can you just say Oh sorry, we made a mistake??? This is not an ordinary situation and you can't treat it like any other game!! You could handle this with integrity and do the right thing, but I'm guessing you won't because it makes more money to have the Rams in the super bowl even though they should not be there. What a slap in the face to every Saints player, coach and fan! That team worked so hard to get where they were and you rob them of what they deserve with ONE ridiculous no-call that EVERYONE saw!! This is gut-wrenching for them (and for us)! Your refs were pathetic, and THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED!!! You have a Sunday coming up where you could have that last few minutes replayed, DO YOU HAVE ANY GUTS OR INTEGRITY AT ALL????

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  • Rh
      Jan 24, 2019

    The non-call in the Saints-Rams NFL championship game was the absolute worst non call in the history of the NFL! The Saints were robbed of a trip to the super bowl.  They are the true NFC champions but will not get to play the Patriots for the title. What a disgrace! It's absolutely stunning that such a blatant screw up happened in a major sporting event in the USA. Before the entire nation! This is bigger than just a sporting event gone awry. This is a betrayal of everything America supposedly stands for, i.e. work hard, dedicate yourself, sacrifice, persevere, and you will be rewarded for your efforts. These cheated athletes have worked most of their lives to reach the pinnacle of success only to have their ultimate reward ripped away by an official, someone with strong ties to LA. OMG! I'm a 62 year old fan of NFL football and have never seen anything like this before. And I started watching football at eight years of age. So what now? How about some justice? I'm not a conspiracy theorist but I've become very concerned that there was a deliberate, behind the scenes effort by very powerful forces to push the Rams into the super bowl. Indifferent fans in LA, a very expensive stadium under construction, a huge TV market in LA...what a way to spur interest, to generate revenue, bolster TV ratings. How about conducting an investigation? Yes, change the rules, prevent something like this from happening again, but what about some justice for the Saints players, fans, the entire organization that put this great team together? My nine year old grandson is a diehard Saints fan, a football prodigy, who was blown away by the blatant missed call. He didn't understand how this could happen. I was at a loss to explain this to him. I'm personally so disgusted, blown away, that I may never watch another NFL game. The game has lost its integrity. The Rams are a great team but they are pseudo champions. I will not watch the super bowl. This incident should be thoroughly investigated. The official saw what happened. And didn't make the call. No one is that incompetent. It was intentional. 

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  • Al
      Jan 30, 2019

    Most refs do a good job, but there are bozos out there that arent qualified to ref pre wee football. The game cant be decided on which team the refs favor.come on you know who these unqualified clowns are.get the hell rid of them for the good of the game or step down yourselves dont continue to be cowards! We know who they are and, us fans will be watching.

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