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Your reference number, Mohammad Pour, AVJG-01-4YN2 and AVJG-01-23LJ

Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing to complain related National express driver on 04/06/09 at 20.30 pm with bus 403 from London to Bath, who does not want to give me his name on time the incident.
I booked two E tickets on internet with detail below:

1: One way ticket, from London to Swindon on 04/06/2009 for 20.30 pm with ticket number FFBEN835 and

2: A return ticket for my companion, the same curs with ticket number FFBEN710.
I am a disabled person and always travel with national express, I also during last 8 years I have not got any problem with drivers, but unfortunately this time the driver was unhappy, when he saw me with wheelchair and produced a badly behaviour, while he was so angry, did not let me to get in the bus with wheelchair, saying that he has not possibility for me and has advised me to go with next bus and then he has droved through Swindon without us.

I was very upset and tried to call costumer service but at that time they were close, I did not find any solution rather than to go to a hotel for a night which has cost me £75, this was, because the next bus was at 23, 30 and the staff of selling office told me that I have to buy other tickets and I also was not in a healthy situation to wait until midnight in coach station, so far on next day I paid again for two people and got back in Swindon.

I am complaining regarding the driver’s behaviour because it is his service and obligation to help disabled people. Apart from that I am the national express costumer for 8 years and it was expected a little bit help and respect from national express staffs. I am sure it is not national express policy to leave driver to talk unpolit with costumers and insults them.
I am expected the national express to investigate this mater and to refund me £107 which I lost because of national express driver’s.
I also expected from company to advice the drivers to respect costumers and to do their job properly.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if there is any requirement.
my Email address is:


Yours faithfully

Mohammad Pour

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