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My father-in-law suffers from Alheimer's and Dementia. A family member, another daughter-in-law, took advantage of this situation. She is a LPN and has worked in nursing homes with Alheimer's patients. Anyway, she took my father-in-law to Verizon Wireless and got 5 phones for her family by opening an account in his nme. She also wrote 5 checks from the in-laws account to pay for things at Verizon. She wrote over 50 checks from the joint account of my in-laws. She also used their Lowe's credit card. She forged both their names on checks. In addition, she made my father-in-law sign for things she wanted. She was arrested and plead guilty. She paid restitution and charges were reduced. Verizon had only sent one check into a collection agency that had contacted my in-laws. Verizon was called and they said that four checks had went to National Enterprise Systems. The phone was answered by a woman named Nicole. She informed us that $1, 969.37 was due on the account. Only $1, 126.04 was awarded from the court for the Verizon checks, and $150 was already being sent to another collection agency. This left $976.04 to cover the checks sent to National Enterprise Systems. She said they could reduce it to $1, 575.49, then to $1, 378.55. But, my mother-in-law had to have them deduct the payment right then. She could not offer that later. My mother-in-law has had several heart attacks and has many other health problems. She said that since she had never received any bills from Verizon she wanted to think about this. Nicole said no, she had to do this now.

Nicole then gave the phone to a Robert Johnson. He said he was the boss. There was no one above him to talk to. I explained that my father-in-law has Alheimer's and he didn't know what he was doing when the bad daughter-in-law took him to Verizon. Mr. Johnson said that didn't matter. My FIL was still responsible. I said that I wasn't sure that he could even sign his name on the account and wanted to verify his signature. Mr.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Solon, OHJohnson said that my FIL didn't need to sign his name, he could just nod his head to verify that he was responsible. I said so you mean if the neighbors take FIL to Verizon tomorrow and open an account in his name it's o.k. as long as he nods his head. Mr Johnson said Yes, but why would anyone do that? I said the same reason bad DIL did, to get free phones. I asked him if he had any compassion at all, and he said yes, that's why I'm not asking the $1, 969.37, just $1, 378.55. He said then that payment needed to be made right away. He said that if the call was dropped, we could not receive the same deal because he would not be able to reach us again. Well, my mother-in-law's phone battery quit, and guess what. He called back within 5 seconds. I said, you just lied to me and he said that he hung up on me, that's why he was able to call us back. This was not true, the battery was dead and I had to switch phones. By this time my mother-in-law was breathing hard, and I was concerned about her health. I told him we would consult and call back. He said no because he would press charges against FIL if this was not taken care of. He said he could accept the $976.04 today and they would have two weeks, then he would deduct the $402.51. I was crying, my MIL was crying and so was my FIL with Alheimer's. So, my MIL felt pressured and paid the bill in full with an automatic withdrawal.
This is a nightmare. Why did one check go to one collection agency and the other four to NES. If they had all went to the first one, MIL would have received the statements and got the correct restitution amount. Mr. Robert Johnson is the meanest man I have ever talked to. I do not know how he can sleep at night. I have always been told that people like him will be taken care of because GOD don't like ugly, and this was ugly.
Having a family member do this has devastated the family. My MIL and FIL are already in bad health. Then, they have to deal with humiliation on top of everything else. Why doesn't NES go after bad DIL.

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  •   Oct 09, 2008
    National Enterprise Systems - Harassment
    National Enterprise Systems
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    This company calls our place of business several times daily regarding a debt that was charged off by B of A 2 years ago. The account is my mother-laws-account. B of A was given a letter instructing them that since the account was charged off they need to cease and desist any further contact with her. Well B o A must not have told the collection agency because the calls keep coming. Since I answer the business phone I just tell them she is not here. I am waiting for one of them to speak with me so I can nail them for third party conversation. I do not think they can legally collect anything since the account was charged off and they would have to proog validity if we were to send a validation letter. So any of you in a position getting harassing calls simply go on line and get a sample of a debt validation letter. They must proof debt to them in order to successfully collect. However, you must not have had any commitments of money to them as that would give them proof of your acknowledging the debt with the. So offer no info do not respond just listen and if they ask your intentions answer "I must verify this before having any further conversation, Goodbye" HANG-UP IMMEDIATELY!

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