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NAFPS/Al Carroll, Kathryn Price NicDhana, Sky Davis, Debbie Moran / fraud website

3 United States Review updated:
Contact information:

No Native Tribal endorsement or affiliation

has been removed from over a dozen servers

Administrators are not NDN

Libel, Slander, Defamation, Identity Theft, Cyber-Stalking, Computer Hacking

Former illegal and locked Esowatch site

Unethical, poor research, privacy invasion

fearmongering, manipulation, sock puppet accounts, psychologically abusive

Dec 27, 2017
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  • Qu
      29th of Jan, 2018
    Best Best Advice +17 Votes

    "No one at NAFPS has never been convicted of libel"

    Just because they haven't been convicted of libel (yet) does not mean they have not engaged in it. Repeatedly.

    What a house of cards.

  • Co
      25th of Apr, 2018
    -16 Votes

    For one thing, NAFPS is neither a business nor a product. NAFPS is a longstanding Native-run, educational website and community forum, and it is completely non-profit. It is predominantly staffed by Natives, but anyone is allowed to join and help expose the frauds and predators who prey on spiritual seekers. Even the frauds are allowed to sign in and speak for themselves.

    The pretendians, exploiters, white supremacists and criminals exposed by NAFPS are now using these scam report pages to lie about the anti-racist volunteers who work to expose these harmful people. Most of the text these "reports" use is lies and howlers of disinformation copied and pasted from the pages of neo-Nazis and paid cybertrolls, several of them hired by a convicted rapist.

    So, congratulations newage ripoffs, in attacking this community of indigenous people and their allies, you're in the same boat with rapists, batterers, and the Charlottesville Nazis. But the people who post this stuff already know thist. That's why these attacks on indigenous-led networks like NAFPS are happening - with Trump in power, the white supremacists and misogynists are on the march. And they are attempting to subvert sites like this to punch down and harm innocent people.

  • Co
      30th of Apr, 2018
    0 Votes

    No more Dairy Queen for you

  • Co
      30th of Apr, 2018
    0 Votes

    @Concerned Activist's Dad that was meant for Democrats are [censored]

  • Fr
      3rd of May, 2018
    +15 Votes

    @Concerned Activist Who are you trying to kid

    You are the biggest pretendian on the site

  • Fr
      4th of May, 2018
    +8 Votes

    @Concerned Activist's Dad Democrats is a NAFPS set up. Ignore him

  • Fr
      15th of May, 2018
    +15 Votes

    @Concerned Activist non-profit lol it is not even legit. Where do we send the donation checks to. Al's bank account in Europe probably.

  • Fr
      21st of May, 2018
    +8 Votes

    @Concerned Activist This started when Obama was in office and Trump was not even an issue but nice try.

  • Co
      30th of Apr, 2018
    +17 Votes

    Karen, Nancy, Susan, Cate, Awa, Valerie, Little Creek, Aki ikwe, Robin, Heather, Angelica, and the other women who had the courage to speak up are lying on the complaint board? They are white supremacists, misogynists, rapists, batterers, Nazis? That makes about as much sense as everything else you have written. They probably think they are in the same boat with the #metoo #timesup or #neveragain movement. People are complaining because they are trying to subvert NAFPS from punching down and harming innocent people using dirty methods. You are with that criminal illegal organization Esowatch that wrote on many dirty servers before it was shut down. You are a fraud site and you lie lie lie.

  • Na
      30th of Apr, 2018
    +17 Votes

    NAFPS is mostly run by whites from Europe. Most of the texts are from actual natives who expose these liars and howlers of disinformation and expose these harmful people. Congrats to those exposing the fraud website. You are in the same boat with real natives who are trying to expose these fakes. That's why attacks on NAFPS are happening. Trying to prevent fake sites like this that punch down and harm innocent people.

  • Fr
      2nd of May, 2018
    +15 Votes

    There is no neo-Nazi page, there are no paid cybertrolls and there is no hiring rapist. The man being talked about was found innocent by the highest court in the land and his friends support him. The supposed Neo-nazi site is run by a full blooded Lakota who admitted to being a Democrat. The people who are making complaints on a complaint board are not rapists, batterers or nazis but victims, mostly female victims, of one of the biggest bullying websites on the internet. Respected elders do not endorse this group. No recognized tribe has sanctioned this site. They are violating people, and dealing with tribal issues that don't belong to them.

  • By
      2nd of May, 2018
    +15 Votes

    NAFPS is not a First Nation Advocacy Group, they have no tribal affiliations and act badly.

    Dr. Al Carrol nor NAFPS has any First Nation affiliation nor any tribal affiliation. They have misused their opportunities with their website to run abusive campaigns against anyone they dislike or disapprove. This includes bonafide Native American Spiritual leaders or ceremonial leaders that include non-Natives in their practices. NAFPS has no entitlement to claim any authority or special knowledge of who and what has rights to Native America they have shown by their own behavior that they cannot be trusted to honestly live up to their self proclaimed mandate to abuse only non-Natives and call real Native Spiritual leaders frauds.

    We humbly ask that the interview with Al Carroll be removed from the film Spirits for Sale.

    Elizabeth, for concerned Citizens for Native American Exploitation and Abuse

  • Fr
      27th of May, 2018
    +14 Votes

    Shame on them for being complicit with Psiram which was Esowatch knowing full well what they support

  • Fr
      31st of May, 2018
    +14 Votes

  • In
      25th of Jun, 2018
    +11 Votes

    Who is Esowatch and why does Esowatch use a pedophile server? - Hidden behind the dirty German-hatred sites ESOWATCH.COM is a criminal Internet project created in 2007 by Dr. Klaus Ramstöck (KrazyKraut?) and his wife Dr. Ing (Ingeborg?) Anja Ramstöck… an Internet pillory in the form of a wiki, a blog for censure and hate polemics as well as a forum for the coordination of campaigns, for the maintenance of their own community and for search engine optimization.

    Esowatch, which belongs to the intelligence services… the BKA, BND, StaatsSchutz, to the Central Council of Jews, the Israeli Mossad, the American CIA… is now the anonymous website Psiram, which is widely believed to be financed by Big Pharma.

    The creators of the anonymous Internet pillar benefit from the technical resources and the employee know-how of SyroCon Consulting GmbH ... since 2010 the subject of prosecution investigations in Germany.

    People are portrayed in a manner that violates § 186 StGB (Defamation) and § 187 StGB (Defamation) in the vast majority of cases. Also systematic violations of copyright and personal rights.

    NAFPS is part of this Internet pillory.

  • An
      17th of Oct, 2018
    -2 Votes
    NAFPS Is Proud to Work With Or Be Used As a Resource By...

    Groups and individuals that NAFPS Has Worked With, Including Those That Are Members of NAFPS and Other Activist Groups

    American Indian Movement Chapters:
    AIM Arizona
    AIM Indiana
    AIM Support Group of Northern Kentucky/Ohio
    New England AIM

    American Indian Heritage Support Center
    Honor Nation
    Iron Lodge (Native Prisoners Support Group)
    Our Red Earth
    Red Road Collective
    Albuquerque Indian Center (NAFPS members toured Europe on a speaking tour to raise funds for them.)

    Native Issues Supporters in Europe:
    World In Our Hands Foundation
    Fourth World

    Sites that list NAFPS as a resource, work with NAFPS members, or whose members recommend NAFPS, in alphabetical order: (Native Prisoners Support Group)

    Americas Indigenous People, New Age, and Cultural Appropriation

    Anthropik Network

    Blog Critics Magazine

    Blue Corn Comics

    Care 2 Make a Difference

    Curanderismo Research Project

    Dakota Lakota Singing


    Do No Harm (Anishinaabe Activists)

    Reviewer on Ebay

    Engler Refugee's Homepage

    Guru Ratings (Provides Warnings on Dangerous Gurus, Kind of a Hindu Version of NAFPS)

    Health on Health

    Indian Religion Beliefs

    Internet Infidels Discussion Board (Skeptics Society)

    Issues Affecting American Indians in Tennessee;article=16531

    Kisikew Wiki, Indigenous News

    Ladyhawk's Hogan

    Library of

    Native Culture Links

    Native Youth Magazine (Conservation board)

    Planet Twinkie

    Raising Our Collective Voices (Native Woman Activist)

    Red Road Collective (Anishinaabe Women Activists) (Geneology Forum)

    Six Nations Reclamation Info (Urban Legend Debunkers)

    Tutor Gig Encyclopedia

    Waldorf Critics



    Yahoo Answers

    Many Pagan sites, whose members often mistakenly fell for Nuage exploiters, have turned to NAFPS as a resource.

    The list of sites that used NAFPS as a resource vs exploiter James Arthur Ray:

    NY Times (freelancer John Dougherty)

    Chicago Tribune (reporter Daniel Simmons)

    CBS News- Early Show (reporter Elizabeth Bacelar)

    WNYC Radio- The Takeaway (producer David Fazekas) request for interview, unfortunately I was busy teaching at the time.

    Anderson Cooper 360 of CNN (producer Ismael Estrada) same as above

    People magazine (reporter Howard Breur)

    Arizona Daily Star

    NY Travel Writers Assn

    Rodale magazine

    Body + Soul magazine

    Update, new sites.
    Listed in it as a resource for surviving cults.
    Associated Content
    Autonomous Voices, seems to be a Native issues support site in French
    Bad Psychics
    Barry's Blog
    CAORANN, antiracist Pagan site
    Care 2 Groups
    Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma official website
    The Circle, one of the oldest Native newspapers
    Computer Newbie. Then James Mooney comes on to defend himself, and gets taken down by a couple members.
    Chrysalis Witch, arguing against cultural appropriation
    Druid Grove
    Emer Wolfrider
    Ency of Plants
    Evocation Magic, Pagan Site
    Files Meetup
    Free Base
    Musings from Xavier Ashe, a post-catholic shamanic humanist existentialist pantheist that recently became a Lay Minister at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta.
    Hal Rager
    Hanksville is one of the oldest resources for information on Natives.
    Home Circle
    Houston Examiner
    I Speak of Dreams, teaching site
    Jack Mountain, Survival Training Instructor with zero tolerance for Nuage nonsense.
    Professor Russell Kirkland, Univ of Georgia instructor in Religion, uses as a resource in his course Introduction to Religion in Native American Cultures.
    Kola, European support for Peltier
    Leaftine, a performance artist, referencing in his master’s thesis.
    Making Light
    Many Rivers
    Maoli World, Native Hawaiian Blog
    Minneapolis Tribune
    Once Upon a Time in the West, nice comments.
    Native American Tube
    NDN Spiritual Thiefs
    Nonfluffy Wicca
    Plenty of Fish Forum. Dating site that uses us as a resource in their Religion section.
    Rational Wiki
    Reality Sandwich
    Russell Means's bunch.
    Religion Explorer
    Religious Forums, 77450, 81497
    Rick Ross, one of the leading cultwatch sites. Nice compliments about our work against James Ray.
    Right Health
    Rigorous Intuition
    Rochester Democrat, local newspaper
    If you don't know the site, where have you been?
    Shaman Links
    Skeptic’s Dictionary
    Spirit and Sky
    Stereotype Drumhop antiracist page
    The Stranger, Seattle newspaper

    Organization in Eskasoni, TREATY BENEFICIARIES ASSOCIATION; to find one can search the Nova Scotia database:
    Trip Atlas
    2012 Hoax
    ULC Intertribal
    Unexplained Mysteries
    Univ of Southern California
    Wicca for the Rest of Us
    Wild Hunt
    Wild Speak
    Wildwood Survival
    World Lingo

  • An
      17th of Oct, 2018
    -3 Votes

    You tell me, who is more reliable? The Cherokee Nation, AIM, universities, and hundreds of others? Or the anonymous scared-to-death racists whining about being exposed who started this thread?

    Natives know better. Deal with it, racist wannabes and wackos.

  • Al
      23rd of Oct, 2018
    +3 Votes

    The Cherokee Nation, AIM and universities are more reliable but you are not part of them anonymous wacko pretendian and psiram, esowatch phony

  • Al
      23rd of Oct, 2018
    +3 Votes

    Out of the first 50+ sites listed here are the results

    30 do not exist, page is not found or page can not be reached
    one site has a list of Harry Potter books
    one has a definition of shamanism
    one is a heart disease page
    one is an ebay listing that no longer exists
    one is an occult chat board
    5 more are chat boards
    one is a petition site
    one is a new age chat board
    one is for wicca spells
    one is for smoothie shakes
    3 are articles by different authors with no mention of NAFPS
    one is an e-mail about a play
    one has yahoo questions and answers asked by anyone using yahoo
    one is an article by educatedindian aka Al

    I gave up after that

  • Al
      23rd of Oct, 2018
    +3 Votes

    Missed a page

    one is a Forbidden site
    one had a loud siren warning and was red flagged
    The Circle - put new age frauds and plastic shamans into search and no results, put Al Carroll into search and a page on measles appeared
    one was a Netflix movie
    more chat boards, more page not found or can't be reached or page does not exist, more articles written by other people with no mention of NAFPS
    COARANN is run by one of the admins of NAFPS
    another petition site
    looks like no one wanted to date Al on Plenty of Fish, they were too busy talking about animal totems, spirit guides, guardian angels and Jesus Christ
    Rational Wiki is the playground of Psiram
    one was how to lower your triglycerides
    one was a talk on the end of the world in 2012 that never happened
    one was a BBC report on African witchdoctors
    one was an article on Google glasses
    one talked about zombies

    Your references are not very convincing. Many go no where. You might want to deal with it.

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