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Nacel Properties Ltd. / People complaining about nacel

1 13784 101 avenueSurrey, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 604 5838482

I would like to complain about all this negligent crap regarding Nacel Properties. I am just here to say that I love my apartment owned by Cressy Developments I have been at for 4 years no major problems If there was Nacel Properties is fair and reasonable and I have been able to work anything out needed to and get any repairs done since I have been at my apartment. I am now working for Nacel Properties I have dealt with Norm Cressy personally and he is a decent and good person and I enjoy my job and working for Nacel Properties has been wonderful. Thank you Nacel properties who I plan to be working with for a long time!

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  • Ac
      11th of Jul, 2008
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    Interesting to see that Nacel Properties takes care of their own! Content of the "comments" are very telling in the types of people they hire. Whoever this person is needs to take spelling and grammar lessons and I can assure her/him there's a better job out there!

    My husband and I rented an apt in Richmond from them. It was a nightmare! Flooding, break ins, feces in the stairwells, the works. The final straw was the breakin that resulted in the front door of our apt being literally kicked in and everything of value being taken. The door would not close never mind stand up on its own. When we phoned the manager to have a new door put on she asked if we could wait until the next day. We moved shortly afterward. About a year later friends of ours moved to an apt building managed by Nacel in Coquitlam, against our recommendations that they not do so. Things were fine for them at first until the building manager quit working there. No replacement came and things went very bad. They didn't stay there long either.

    The problem with Nacel is in the people they hire. Of the 3 building managers WE had (in less than 1 year) they were all single moms with little to no experience in building management. I have nothing against these moms as they were trying to make a living while raising their family, and what better circumstances than to live and work in the same building? I'm sure Nacel printed a very pretty picture for them.

    I'd live on the street before I'd ever rent from them again.

  • Ar
      26th of Oct, 2008
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    The above complaint conflicts with both my own personal experience and countless other people on the internet. Simply google "Nacel Property Management" to find a variety of legitimate tenant complaints.

    My personal experience? I was almost evicted for no reason whatsoever. The apartment's flooded three times, I have gaping holes in the ceiling and walls from their attempts to "fix" the problem, and they haven't bothered to patch the holes up. There's been two fires. Sadly, the flooding and fires didn't happen at the same time and cancel each other out.

    Currently there's a cockroach infestation.

    The front door lock's been busted in the entire time I've lived here.

    The people who actually work in the building seem like nice people, it's the corporation as a whole for not bothering to sink money into the often-dangerous and unsafe apartment buildings they're renting out.

  • Da
      27th of Nov, 2008
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    Absolute SLUM LORDS.

  • St
      23rd of Sep, 2009
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    It has been quite awhile now since the original [censored] commented at how wonderful Nacel Properties has been for them. I'd be curious to know what they think of the company now that its been a year and a half since they commented????? Has there place burned down or flooded yet? Do they have bedbugs and cockroaches yet?? Have they been ripped off money or been robbed??? I GUARANTEE you one if not all of these things have happened to this person.

    I just spent the last 4 months taking Nacel Properties through the Residential Tenancy Branch for the hell they caused me and I won over $4000. That speaks volumes to the legitimacy of the problems. Ask Nacel to put all their promises in writing for you. My landlord was dumb enough to agree to it.
    I would encourage everybody that has current problems with Nacel to contact the tenancy branch, city inspectors, fire departments and anybody else that you can to try to bring this company down. they are slum landlords and prey on vulnerable people. Unfortunately for them I am not a vulnerable person who will put up with this crap and decided to take them through the ringer. It was a mistake of them to rent to
    Check all the fire estinguishers in your building for expiry dates and service dates. Have a look at your fire alarm panel (usually its in plain view for everyone to see) and look for lights indicating there are problems. Contact the fire department if you notice any of these problems.
    Look for mold, obvious leaks, bug infestations, appliances not working properly, fire hazards, safety hazards (broken front door locks)...etc. And call the City of Vancouver and ask to speak to an inspecter. An inspecter will come to your building within a couple of days and have a look. They will send a letter to the building manager about repairs that need to be done. There is a time frame on the repairs and if not completed fines will be incurred by Nacel.
    Lastly, contact your local MLA. The Commercial drive MLA is Jenny Kwan and she is interested in housing problems. This company (Cressey Developments) has been in existance since 1969 and this has been allowed to go on!!! It is mind-boggling. The Better Business Bureau gives Cressey Developments a rating of "F" on a scale from "A-F". The BBB wont even give their stamp of approval. These are major red flags.
    So to the person who lives in a Cressey developed building, unfortunately you made a huge mistake, especially if you purchased from them. I hope you have learned your lesson by now about defending a company you know very little about. It's unlikely that thousands of people are wrong and YOU are right.
    CITY OF VANCOUVER: 604.873.7000
    VANCOUVER FIRE DEPT: 604-665-6000

    I hope this information helps!!!

  • La
      23rd of Nov, 2009
    +1 Votes

    cressey/nacel...historically evil...mentioned in b.c. provincial legislature way general requested special prosecuter investigate business practices...richmond fire dept. /fire commish. supreme court filing...historical...wrongful safety...#1 player in b.c. leaky condo crisis...why are they still players... OUR HOMES ...OUR LIVES... LET'S FIGHT!

  • Ve
      4th of Oct, 2010
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    NORM CRESSEY a DECENT AND GOOD PERSON??..ummm...not to my knowledge...seems he doesn't give a flying phuk about his tenants or his employees..,

    the rental website is a joke...the pictures are all so nice..why dont they post recent pictures of the mold, the urine drenched carpets which are ripped and are a yet another FIRE HAZARD!!, , and perhaps we can get a nice family portrait of all the cockroaches who have become quite comfy..and growing in population rapidly and are basically part of the furniture...i have a sneaky suspicion they are paying rent...HAHA>..ok, , that's not funny...but wouldn't be surprised one bit...come on...does he have no pride..
    i was trying to help tenants with pest infestations..and was told to evict these people cause they were dirty...and believe me...they were far from dirty...i am disgusted that this company still has a already know about the numerous fire codes they are breaking on a daily basis...and let's see...why is that they cannot keep any staff? get fired for doing a good get fired for not kissing [censor] quit..cause you cant stand working 12 hours a day 7 days a week...sometimes up to 17 hours a quit because you are appalled at how the tenants are quit because you are sick of being yelled at...(which by the way is a Human Rights issue...just sayin') become overworked and tired..and the life gets sucked out of you..unfortunately you are the one having to deal with disgruntled tenants and have to take the heat for the big guy!!while he is sipping Martini's that our blood sweat and tears have paid for..
    Me bitter?..NAH!!!


  • Gf
      26th of May, 2012
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    I've lived in Maple Place Towers for 2 years. The WORST two years of my damn life.

    In that two years, I've dealt with tri-weekly, unorganized fire alarms in the bitter cold of winter. I've had to deal with neighbors partying 24/7, with complaints un-heard. I've had to watch as the cleaning lady buys, and smokes drugs (and no, not pot..) in front of the building. I've had to deal with said cleaning lady's drunk, loser, junkie brother coming and starting fights with everyone in the common areas and grounds of the building. I've had to deal with the ### carpets that do not come clean (even after I've run a steam cleaner and had a professional carpet service come my un-reimbursed expense). I've had to deal with the building implementing a "smoke and you'll be evicted" policy that's never actually been enforced. I've had to deal with throwing up in the hall ways because of all the pot smoke. I've had to deal with hoards of unsupervised screaming children in the pool area, morning, noon, and night. I've had to deal with the same...I'm not sure WHAT his title worker? Assistant Manager? Receptionist? Well, whom ever he is, he works in the office. Anyways, he's seen me every day for the last 2 years, and always asks the same question "Do you live here?". Like, seriously dude, you're like maybe 40? If you've got dementia THAT badly, maybe you should be in a home! And finally, the highlight of my complaints (and most recent...) I've had to deal with an exhaust fan attached to the building going off at 12:45am that seriously sounds like a pack of jet engines committing torturous sodomy with an unwilling idling 6 engine diesel train, while a heard of 1970's era Peterbuilt's are standing around filming the ###ing thing. And of course, I've had to deal with the manager saying "Oh, I'm not going to wake the maintenance man up for that! I'll call him on Monday. It's 1 am, go get some sleep!"

    So, yes, please tell me how "Nacel Properties" is SUCH a wonderful company. Tell me how all the complaints of negligence are unwarranted. I've been in Peruvian prisons with no sewer system or running water that had more livable conditions than these buildings.

  • Ex
      31st of Aug, 2012
    0 Votes

    I worked at the head office in the 80's. Cressey wasn't fact we all had to call him "Mr. Cressey". We only saw him for the occasional office party. He and his son and the Cressey people didn't associate with us office workers who did the day to day Nacel stuff...which really funded all the expensive developments that Cressey did.

    Nacel properties funded Cressey development. He hires 20 somethings to do the grunt work because they will work cheap.

  • Gr
      19th of Oct, 2012
    0 Votes

    A little something to add, penalty last year for failing to keep worker safe

    Company: Nacel Properties Ltd., Vancouver
    Classification unit: Building management, building rental, or mobile home parks and strata corporations
    Amount: $44, 332
    Date of penalty: April 27, 2011
    This firm's worker was exposed to the risk of falling about 9 m (30 ft.) to a concrete driveway. He was repairing a fourth-floor balcony without using fall protection. The firm failed to ensure that the worker used fall protection as required. This was a repeated violation of the fall protection requirements as well as the requirement to provide workers with the information, instruction, training, and supervision necessary to ensure their safety

  • Je
      27th of May, 2014
    0 Votes

    I am a past tenant of a Nacel properties and didn't know there was such a large complaint board for them but I do understand why. They are negligent about their rental units to say the least . I have spent many years suffering from mould exposure from their nasty apartments and will never rent from them again. But beware everyone they have changed their name to Cascadia now.

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