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NACA / Something seems fishy

1 Kansas City, MO, United States Review updated:

My husband and I tried to buy a home using NACA in the Kansas City area. We went through their complicated process for over a year. We finally decided that they were untrustworthy and used a different lender. We have great credit and we were asked to provide all kinds of extra paperwork besides our credit scores to get pre-approved for a loan. We had to watch every penny that we spent from our savings to cover a payment shock. Peoples' costs can vary from month to month especially during tax time so it was annoying. We finally got into a contract for a really great bargain on a house in a great neighborhood. We had the house inspected and were told that several things could be fixed easily by us cheep. Our real estate agent is a carpenter and he was willing to help us with the work. The inspection list was turned into hand and hand sent back a outrageous list of prices to get thing fixed and said that the items all needed to be fixed by licensed workers. We either needed to have the seller of the house get everything fixed or have NACA approved contractors fix everything before we could buy the home. The seller could not afford to fix everything. He was broke. We would have had to pay the outragoues prices that hand quoted to have NACA approved contractors fix everything. We were approved for a loan amount that was much higher than our payment was going to be for this bargain home. We suspect that hand had access to our loan pre-appoval information and they over priced everything to get us to take out a home improvement loan for the extra amount. We did not buy the home. We continued to look for a perfect home with little to fix with in our budget. We had to be approved again and our NACA representative stalled our approval for 2 months. We suspect he spammed our email when we complained about hand because it happen immediately after my husband spoke with him. Our NACA representative did not return calls & cancelled appointments with us sometimes he did not call us to tell us he was cancelling. NACA claimed that there computers and phones were down many many times. They lost files. I don't trust these guys. The guy that started NACA probably meant well but I suspect that there may be a scam going on with HAND.

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  • Me
      9th of Feb, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I can totally relate to the above comment my husband and I are currently going through the same thing now with the NACA location here in Las Vegas.I keep telling my husband that something don't feel right we just can't place our hand on it.The NACA counselor that we were assigned to talks to us in a very condescending way.We have provided everything that has been asked of us and he is always speaking to us as if we are doing something illegal.(Example) when we make a deposit in to our account without any paper back up he states "where did this money come from how do I know you didn't get it from some illegal side job" as if he's insinuating that we're street pharmacist.My husband and I have two very good jobs and are credit is okay but when going to the seminar it was explained that the credit is not a big issue and let's not bring up our tax return!The majority people at this Las Vegas location are Hispanic and I'm not being racist but I have spoke to several of there Hispanic clients and the counselors have treated them very well with them purchasing a home within 6mon or so...We have been dealing with them for over a year and every time it's something new we need that's holding us back and the only way we figure this out is by driving 35-40min to there office without an appointment to see our counselor cause he doesn't return our phone calls, emails, faxes etc... they treat us like sh**.

  • Fr
      24th of Mar, 2011
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    Im going thru the EXACT SAME THING!!

  • Na
      27th of Apr, 2015
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    The comment "We had to watch every penny that we spent from our savings to cover a payment shock. Peoples' costs can vary from month to month especially during tax time so it was annoying" suggests the real problem here. The NACA qualification process is based on a tight household budget and responsible financial management. The fact that financial discipline was annoying or inconvenient should not be a greater priority than obtaining a solid home with a mortgage that saves tens of thousands of dollars compared to any other loan product.

    The fact that all repairs discovered through the inspection are required to be completed by properly licensed tradespeople should be an obvious advantage to the homeowner. There is no accountability for the quality of the workmanship done by unlicensed and uninsured workmen, and the poor quality of the work often results in the work having to be re-done which results in a greater cost in the long run compared to having done properly the first time.

    The conflict of interest in "Our real estate agent is a carpenter and he was willing to help us with the work" goes without saying.

    What's perhaps most disturbing is the fact that every NACA member is made aware from the very start that all repairs must be performed by properly licensed and insured tradespeople. It is in fact stated very clearly in the Home Buyer's Workbook every NACA member receives at their very first workshop.

    The reason the NACA program works is because of its insistence to strict adherence to every detail of the program, and our refusal to take the shortcuts that created the housing bubble to begin with. Nobody ever said the NACA process is fast or easy, but doing things the right way rarely is.

  • Em
      18th of Sep, 2015
    0 Votes

    I attended a NACA workshop with my daughter almost 2 years ago. At the time, I really liked what they were doing and my daughter started working with them to qualify for a mortgage. WHAT A MISTAKE!!! For a year and a half she has been saving and detailing every deposit and expenditure, sending them many, many documents, has had to take off days to go to their officice because the Ditz they assigned us isn't intlligent enough to know how to use technology. Everything she went their for EASILY could have been done electronically and over the phone!!! After all this time, she was constantly told she woud qualify for around $200k mortgage. When the paperwork finally got submitted and she got an was for a pitiful $158K!!! I seriously have to wonder is it because she is WHITE!!! The councelor is seriously incompetant (and I suspect is autistic, has "tics" and horrible hygene!) NEVER use these people!!!

  • Na
      18th of Sep, 2015
    +1 Votes

    Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America ("NACA") is a non-profit, community-advocacy and homeownership organization the primary goal of which is to build strong, healthy neighborhoods nationwide through affordable homeownership. NACA pursues this goal by, among other things, providing its primarily low- and moderate-income clients (whom NACA calls "members") with free housing counseling and related services designed to assist members with obtaining or maintaining an affordable mortgage. One such initiative is NACA's Purchase Program, the focus of which is to provide primarily low- and moderate-income individuals and families, who are generally shut out from traditional sources of credit, with access to affordable residential mortgages. NACA's Purchase Program is unique because it offers NACA members the opportunity to obtain a mortgage with extremely favorable terms - that is, low interest rate, thirty-year fixed term, no down payment, no closing costs and no predatory features - regardless of each member's past credit or other financial problems. To participate in the Purchase Program and obtain a NACA mortgage, NACA members are required to undergo NACA's comprehensive Purchase Program counseling process, through which each member participates in numerous counseling sessions with NACA employees and establishes a track-record of financial responsibility - such as budgeting expenses, reducing debt and saving income. The time it takes for qualification varies, sometimes dramatically, based on the individual member's circumstances.

    We truly feel sorry for someone who feels the need to lower himself to using personal insults and racial allegations over a file that isn't even his own.

  • At
      30th of Apr, 2016
    -1 Votes

    I went thru wife and I have a very exelent income and credit score...we though we could save $ by using NACA but we end up wasting our 6 months of time...stay away from NACA if u have other options.

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