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When I saw that advertised from the news i decided to download it when i did i thought i wanted to use it till i seen that they charged i didnt give them any type of information at all not even my name they have a 1800 number i decided to uninstall it well it wont let me uninstall then i tried calling them they said they would have someone contact me and they never did its not a virus but its annoying when i first log on it tells me whats wrong with my computer then it stops i cant uninstall it how can i uninstall or find files so i can uninstall correctly this company dont know jack about uninstalling or fixing the issues

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  • Hu
      Jan 03, 2011 - This is nothing more than a cleverly designed trap
    United States

    This is nothing more than a cleverly designed trap to convince folks that their computer is so messed up that they have to pay their fee NOW to get help.

    Read the reviews (including mine) on

    This is the only reliable and TOTALLY FREE registry cleaning software. I even included a link to a simple tutorial posted on YouTube on how to use it.

    Check that out, and STAY AWAY from this new wave of 'registry' and 'PC' cleaning software websites and products!

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  • C1
      Jan 04, 2011

    I agree with the original compaintant. THIS IS A SCAM They "scan your PC" and then ask for money to get rid of the supposed malware. There are many apps out there--some are even FREE. One of them is Superspyware free edition, and it gets rid of just about anything. The professional version (which I bought) was about $30, and includes PREVENTION. This version is a one time charge--you do not have to renew it yearly. Don't fall for free scans--they DO NOT remove them.

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  • Ur
      Jan 02, 2012

    I am having the same problem with I personally believe they r a big scam. My computer has not been the same since I downloaded it, and I CANNOT UNINSTALL THE PROGRAM AT ALL!!! I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING. I am computer knowledgable (not the greatest), but I can keep my pc up and running on my own, but I thought mycleanpc sounded like a good idea at the time. Anyway, I called the company, and they wanted to connect remotely to my computer, which I was very annoyed with, but I made them do it...They claimed they were not able to connect cause I dont have the proper connection (cable) WHAT KIND OF CRAP IS THIS???? I AM STUCK WITH THIS DAMB ANNOYING PROGRAM, THAT POPS UP EVERY MINUTE, NO MATTER WHAT IM DOING, AND INSISTSSSSS I PURCHASE!!! THERE HAS TO BE SOMETHING WE ALL CAN DO!!!

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  • Ex
      Apr 04, 2012

    To get rid of this load of C**P you will need Malwarebytes (free) and a good registry cleaner. Once you have run both of these then I would suggest running AVG (Again there is a free version) as MyCleanPC also installs CyberDefender which is known to install adware and at times trojans.

    I'm amazed that after six months they are being allowed to advertise on TV as the FTC is currently investigating them. Their software is deliberately designed to find false positives to frighten you. If you use reputable and free software from AVG or Malewarebytes and the report no problems then this piece of C**P can't do anything other than add infections or report on non existent threats.

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  • We
      Jul 06, 2019

    I do not even have an account but you keep flashing my computer everyday to get this service which I D NOT WANT. Do I have to go to the BBB to get this taken care of which in minutes you can uninstall in minutes. Thank you very much.

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