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Cologne, Germany
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Beware of this cheap canvas website - do NOT buy from them.

They pretend to be in the UK but are actually in Germany and they have an unscrupulous work ethic.

I placed an order for a canvas of one of my artworks. I uploaded the image and requested a mirrored edge. After placing the order and making payment I received a confirmation e-mail stating that I was getting a white edge, which is not what I ordered.

I replied to the e-mail saying that a mistake had been made and asking for it to be rectified

I received an e-mail back with a standard reply telling me the order was being processed and could not be changed. It also said that if I wanted to cancel the order they would still keep my money.

I wrote back again stating that the error was with their website and they needed to fix the issue.

Then I received an e-mail saying my order (for the wrong product) had been dispatched. They also told me that they would not give me any refund or do anything to rectify the situation.

Their final e-mail states:

"Dear customer, Once again, I am unable to take your complaint further and I will not be accepting further correspondence regarding this matter."

I am furious that this company has taken my money and are supplying something I did not order or want.

I also notice that although the company states in their description that they are the" No 1 Rated Canvas shop in the UK" and use a UK domain name, they are in fact in Germany, and they use a phone number that costs 20p per minute.

If you want a canvas made from your photograph or artwork I recommend that you do NOT use this company. They are only interested in getting your money and have no consideration for customer service whatsoever.

The company is United Arts GmbH, Am Gleisdreieck 1-5, 50823 Cologne, Germany

Feb 3, 2017

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