My M&M's / m&m's crunchy caramel, limited edition

Dear sir/madam,

Today, 7th june 2018, I purchased a pack of your limited edition crunchy caramel m&m's, in dunnes stores, limerick city, ireland.
I was enjoying my m&m's when suddenly I noticed a black spot on one of them. When I investigated further I came to realise it was a small fly, squashed into the sweet. I felt ill after seeing this and was very unhappy and unable to enjoy the rest of the sweets. I have attached photos down below.
I wanted to inform you about this and felt obliged to. I hope to hear from you soon and we can resolve this.

Many thanks,

Desiree higgins

My M&M's
My M&M's
My M&M's

Jun 07, 2018

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