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Complaint Number - 5 : Refund not received - Payment done 6 months ago !!!

I have paid Rs. 28000 for booking to Goa which did not happen.

They have threatened me, gave me dead line, told me I was a 'pending customer' and gave a final date of April 20 which is way past and I still did not receive the money.

@MyHubTravel - Where is my money?

The address and office location changed again! as per the website.

Office Address
56/5, Pushpa complex
Palwal haryana
Phone : [protected]
Email : [protected]
Email : [protected]

May 17, 2018
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  •   May 30, 2018

    There is no Santa Clause.
    I recover debts for charge legally.
    Nobody can receive any refund/compensation free, if such individual do not know,
    how to complaint, without documents, without efforts.
    If the above is clear, read next please

    Send me:
    1) each document which you had received from this company in .PDF or FORWARD email,
    not in low image resolution
    Thes are booking / e-ticket / receipt, etc
    2) your above text ("complaint")
    3) your full name, date of birth, city/country, e-mail, phone for contact in evening
    4) copy of ID can be requered later before officials

    I will charge as follows:
    1. 250 Rs (equvalent ~6EUR/ 7USD for India only)
    before I (we) can start process the claim for refund/compensation against invoice
    2. 20% from the recovered debt after the compensation is issued.
    3. Normal postal / communication charge, if such charge occures in future.

    The figures of a legal compensation can be higher if you are agreed to persue your complaints in the court.
    But Indian courts are slow. The matter can take 1-2 years till final judgement
    You will not get compensation, I you failed to submit all above documents or delayed with the submisison.

    manager for ICAO/IATA irregulations
    < aryan(at) >
    < air.[protected] >

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