B Nov 29, 2017

Good day

I ordered Fibre on the 30 October. A sub-contractor for Open Serve arrived only to tell me that the pipe was blocked and they could not install the cable. I was told that Telkom would charge R160 x 35 metres! They just left. What shocking service, obviously not interested in my business. They did not even probe the pipe!

Vumatel is also installing fibre in our complex and they said they would charge R1700 to install to my house. They are hungry for business.

I have been a member of Mweb since 1993 and your personal stated to me that the installation would be seamless. I got different answers, one being that I would get 30m free and another said 8m free.

I am not happy, so I think a change of service provider is on the cards!

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