SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / 90% of the profiles are fake and you will lose your money

United States

Here's the deal with this website
I've been using it for months because I paid for that long upfront.
The website owners are a team of scammers, they create most of the fake profiles usually the same usernames that repeat with different pictures, they will send you winks and chat requisite once you pay than they will continue doing that but never go beyond liking your pics and winks.
Add to that a massive number of african scammers harassing you but those guys will wait for you to initiate the contact (if you pay attention most of the women pictures are very sexy ones and too revealing trying to catch the eyes of men.
I can assure you not even 10% of the profiles are real its so much work to just end up talking to a real woman on this website.
The worst part now: when you complain about those fake profile you get an email saying they will look into it. But they want those profile to stay and attract customers so they don't do anything about it and you will see those profile very active. I reported 5 in 3 days and all of them still there. Do not waste your money like I did and don't believe the positive reviews its all from the administrators themselves doing pr

Jan 10, 2018

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