MSEDCL / Theft in Electricity

Date : 11/03/2015

From :
Rajesh V.Shrivas
Flat No.3, Ground Floor,
Suphala-A, Behind K.C.
Gandhi English School,
Kalyan (West) : 421 301

The Deputy Director,
Tejashri Building, 5th Floor,
Karnik Road, Near Jahangir Maidan,
Kalyan (West) : 421 301

Sub : Electricity Theft in our Meter No.[protected] for Consumer No. : [protected].

In continuation of my earlier letter dated 31st August 2015 and 1st September, 2015, I would like to appeal your good selves to the problem I’ve faced in the supply I get as mentioned in Subject line. I’ve been pointing out to your office in person and over telephone time to time regarding tampering of my meter allotted to the consumer number as mentioned in the subject line.
Since my first letter I’ve been paying the excess amount of electricity bill, you will agree with me for a family of standard size without having equipments like Air Conditioners, Micro wave should get the electricity bill somewhere around Rs 1000/- per month. But since last three years I’ve been getting electricity bill of average Rs 2000/- almost the double amount what actually I should pay, you can observe the same from my billing details available with you.
Initially thought about faulty meter and accordingly contacted your office regarding the same and was advised to change the same with digital one. For a month or two there was no excess burden on me. Since then on the same ground your office has changed the meter about five time. While contacted my personal electrician who does all house hold work suggested me time to time to complain about the theft of supply. Even some of your officers verbally accepted the chances of theft of electricity from the supply. But no action was taken for unknown reasons. I did observe low voltage, sudden stop in electricity supply for short time etc. On one occasion my electrician found damage to the security clip connected to the meter, the same was informed to your office. After this my electrician suggested to lodge a FIR in police station to get a better solution to this problem.

I’m really fade up of this complaining and would like to request you to please shift the meter in my residence instead of keeping it at the common board provided by the society. I assure you that there will not be much trouble taking the reading as I reside on ground floor of the society. I’m also worried about any kind of accidents because of the tampering of electricity supply. You will understand my concern.

With an anticipation of getting a early and better solution to this problem and will be very much thankful to you.

Mar 11, 2016

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