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Avoid them. Don't let your children play this game.
No, it doesn't affect their behavior or school grades. They just steal your money. At first, this website may seem nice. You get what you paid for.
Needless to say, it's impossible to use this service without paying for anything, or it's just useless or uninteresting. My baby was really excited, so I thought I would pay for this. So like I said at first everything was fine, but then they started to send emails asking for more. Why? To make you pay for a better game.
No, I won't fall for this anymore. I explained this to my daughter and she agreed it was unfair.

Oct 27, 2017
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  • Mi
      Dec 02, 2017

    I agree this happened to me I know this is probably late but this is what I just sent to this website about Moviestarplanet and I think everyone should know and I have pictures but I dont want to share but there is a website my child found I have the link in the statement below believe me this website is so unfit for children to play the photos that I am talking about is here on my summary

    You randomly took away my child's Star Vip we were paying 13 dollars a month for today 12/2 was the renewal date for her membership and you took it from her also your game is highly inapporiate kids cussing, sex, gays, transgenders, dating etc. that is pathetic also there is many many glitches along with scammers and hackers my child has been hacked and threatened to be hacked and your report system does nothing someone also made this website my child found and i agree with it your letting freakshows play this game and my child is at risk of dangerous activities because your not allowing the correct ages play you say 8-15 play yet people are on their in their 20s and 40s I saw the list age rang for your Create a Moviestar and they dont have good options you people are obviously money hungry 80 dollars for a year vip?! it used to be 60 dollars! and the clothes for girls are so slutty and trashy really? an Ariana Grande theme? that girl is nothing but hick trash going to hell! fix your website! Basically bullying, scamming, people expecting you to buy them gifts, hackers, rapists, my child has been threatened to be raped on her old account because she stood up for bullying! that was in 2012 you have had nothing but problems since the game was created so either kill the website and start fresh or dont start it all and delete it forever this website is so unsafe and everyone is sharing personal info my child has done nothing but report people ever since she created her account i'm so sick of it I'm also sick of so many people on there being attention seekers another thing I have alot of photos against the people that play your game so like i said FIX IT OR START FRESH OR DONT MAKE ANOTHER WEBSITE AT ALL! THATS 3 OPTIONS PICK ONE!

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  • In
      May 25, 2019

    Dont give into the impulse then, dumb on you for doing it.

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