Monty Casinosecurity

After being at montecasino for 5 hours I called an Uber driver to fetch me and when he arrived he informed me that he could not enter to fetch me. I saw an Audi vehicle in front of the boom gates with 5 people standing behind and around the vehicle. U approached the security guard named Mumusa, who was working in the 3rd December 2018 at approximately 2:30am. I asked him why my driver could not enter to pick up myself n 2 friends and he said that Uber is not allowed in to come and pick me up at that time. I inquired as to when this rule was made because I regularly get my Uber at the drop off/pick up point... He did not sat when but said that the driver could not enter.. All the while the White Audi is parked there like its thier private property, blocking the entrance by the boom gate so that a few vehicles could not enter...

Dec 03, 2018

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