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I have used Montego for a long period now and have used the puppy, adult and even senior range of dog food. I have lately noted a change in the adult food and so has my dog. The food is drier and it does not seem to feed my dogs as much as it used to. I spoke to the shop where we buy the Montego and she mentioned that they have already had numerous complaints about the adult food and has also since written a letterpetition regarding this. Email logged on Montego website-Response-'None of our formulations have been changed in the recent past. We have however had a problem with one of our machines during night shift about a month ago. The food that was produced has a slightly lower digestibility than usual but still is a complete and balanced meal. The only negative factor is that the dog will need a little more food than usual.' (Marco) They then offered to replace one bag of dogfeed. Great service - I thought. After supplying them with the details where we purchase the food we received a call explaining that they do not replace food without the bag in question being returned. She also then said that they'll send it elsewhere as our supplier is a scatterbrain. A month later-0!


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  • Ca
      Dec 01, 2011

    How long ago was that problem? I want to feed my dog a good priced dog food that I can mix with Royal canin daschund 28? The product must be in south africa though! And easy to find. =)

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  • Co
      Nov 07, 2013

    haai i dissagree with the complaint i have two ### a boerboel and a pitbull since i starterd using montergo classic i have the the best result ever in terms of the size, coat montergo is the best and i only feed my dogs once a day.

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  • Cr
      Jan 24, 2016

    We have a 3 month old German Shepherd When we went to a buy dog food, they strongly advised us to stay away from Montego. Apparantly it just as bad as the cheapest no name brand you find in chain stores. Can someone tell me is this true?

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  • Si
      Mar 05, 2016

    My lab x had numerous problems with epilepsy. After a month or so on montego no more problems. He only stayed with for 16.5 years you can work out if food good or bad. So cannot agree with whoever gave you this advice. My bull terrier has just turned 12. Only eaten dry montego and the off piece of meat that falls off the table . Still at her best weight of 25kg since maturing

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  • Ti
      Jul 14, 2016

    Hey all, iv got an 11 weeks old boerboel puppy that is on montego karoo pappy. As the guy I got him from was feeding the puppies the same brand before collection. But I'm having an issue with his stools. It is very soft and comes out like a lump. He is also quite boney for a boerboel pup. (Underweight). So i started feeding him bigger portions thinking he would gain the weight needed but it has been so far unsuccessful. The result has been bigger and more poop than ever but still no weight gain. I'm one second away from switching his food out and throwing the montego karoo puppy dog food in the trash. Put my Rigie that is 14 months on it and the exact same problem. Need feed back asap. Concerned.

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  • Mo
      Aug 02, 2017

    I have a White Swiss Shepperd and he had developed a really bad skin allergy, while medication it cleared up a bit but has come back with a vengence, and he has Montego classic so wondering if it is the foof

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  • Ps
      Sep 09, 2017

    I have a bulmastiff 4 months old on Montego it all of a sudden has very bad skin allergy it HAS TO BE Montego as I tried eleminating everything else. Perhaps we can do a full analysis o the MONTEGO food per LAB at UNISA or so?

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  • Pb
      Mar 13, 2018

    @psan62 This is apparently a common issue with Montego. I have fed my dogs Montego for a number of years with no issue and even recommended it, but from September last year my dogs started reacting differently to the food, with rashes and itchy skin. Initially I thought it was an allergy to the environment...maybe something they came into contact with...tried ati-allergy meds, which helped for scratching, but the problem didn't go away. Obviously not, because I kept feeding my poor dog Montego, which was the source of the problem. My VET confirmed that many of her clients are experiencing the same issue and wouldn't recommend Montego. She was actually surprised that one of my dogs has good fur...because being on Montego it is highly unlikely. This is quite scary and I don't see why this issue isn't widely publicized. Beside the concern for our fur babies, people are also spending so much money on VET visits and giving their dogs medication, when it could be resolved, what seems to be by simply not eating Montego. I suggest they do a full analysis of their food and don't just shrug it off as 'nothing has changed'. Regardless of what they do, I for one will no longer even consider feeding my dogs Montego.

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  • Ch
      May 24, 2018

    I purchased Montego Karoo puppy 20kg bag food for my Rottweiler 7mth old beginning of this month. The last quarter of the bag is "miffed". Call the no on the bag to be told someone will call me and that a sample needs to be collected etc etc. This food is expensive and find this unacceptable. Had no phone call back yet and the pet shop where I bought it says I must contact Montego directly. I have pictures etc.
    Chareen Swart ([protected]

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