Monster Scooter Parts / Charger Doesn't Work

Colorado Springs, CO, United States
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Ordered a charger for my daughters scooter which was $88 at Walmart originally. Paid $24.95 for the charger which was too much to begin with but I wanted her to be able to use it so I bought it. Got it a week and a half later and it doesn't charge the scooter so went to their website and sent a contact email through the form they suggested even though it didn't have the "RMA Return Request" drop down menu they asked that you use for returns (hmmm…..shady anyone? Require the use of a drop down menu then don't put one on there, PURE SHADE!!!) Finally after a week I didn't hear from anyone so I called, waited 17 minutes on hold to get through then got someone rude by the name of Liz. I was told too bad it didn't work on your scooter you still have to pay the return shipping and the 10% restocking fee. Told her I was disappointed in their service and that I felt they didn't care about their customers and she said "thank you for calling, goodbye" and hung up. NICE! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH PEOPLE THAT DON'T OFFER GOOD SERVICE - IT IS A WASTE OF YOUR TIME!

Jun 13, 2015

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