Money Network / the service and the company

In the early month of November 2017, I was asking a costumer service member about the upgrade, he told me about it and I stated I Do Not Want The Upgrade. The next week my card got put on hold because the gentleman decided to upgrade my account. I have been given mixed ways how to get the money off my card that I need to pay for bills but every time I call it is a different suggestion. One lady said she would mail me the check and close the account. The next gentleman said that I have to send my ID in to get the card off hold even if they wanted to send the check. Now they are say it will be another 3-6 days before they can even receive my fax I sent of the ID. This is unprofessional. I work with costumers all the time and I know how it is to get a complaint so I try not to do it but me not being able to have money out of my account for 3 weeks now is very stressful on my life. I do have bills and other needs to pay for such as food to provide for my family. I really wish Money Network would get their story straight about how to get the money out of this account. This has made a huge impact on my living situation and my schooling. I wish the company would inform their customers if their account has been upgraded and have them sign something to confirm this. I would have never been in this situation if the gentleman listened to what I said and Did Not Upgrade My Account. I do hope they get the account unblocked as soon as possible so I can hurry and switch to a different company. I really enjoyed this company for a while until this situation arose. They should have to pay the amount in my account for how long it has taken them to get the money for bill unblocked in my account. I really am disappointed in this company and wish they would understand how deeply this effected my life.

Nov 19, 2017

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