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I was a patient at the Monarch Dental in Frisco, Texas - a suburban city outside of Dallas. Nearly 2 years ago, I had thousands of dollars of dental work done at this dental office where they pulled out 3 of my teeth and created a 4 unit (teeth) permanent bridge on the left side of my mouth, thereafter the work was done I started having problems that cost me thousands of more dollars in the same area, not knowing what was going on and/or why it was going on to me, but it was brought to my attention by several different dental professionals tell me that I had very bad dental work and it was explained to me that is was very bad dentistry work and that any good doctor would have not did the work to me because in part it wasn't necessary and 2nd it was done completely wrong in which causing to root canals and new cavities to form underneath my bridge and not only that my permanent came out of my mouth while eating rice.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Frisco, TXNow, I walking around with the left side of my mouth with no teeth, forcing me to eat on one side of my mouth and I was told that its not healthy for my other teeth and that they are now in jeopardy of having issues, so I reached out to Monarch Dental and they have acknowledged the revolving door of staff and experienced dentists in which they have hired and is no longer with them, and that they are aware of all the complaints of bad dental work done. But with all of their acknowledgements they are not making the matter right, they are dragging their feet and I'm 38 years old mother of 3, in corporate america and walking around with no teeth in my mouth,
The entire company is pop-up, track dental on every corner disaster, I am filing a lawsuit against them, if you want to JOIN me, feel free to call or text me [protected].
You are more than happy to JOIN me on my petition against these ###!! They have taKEN NEarly $10, 000 of my money and I'm now walking around with no teeth on the left side of my mouth, 38 years old..

May 18, 2017

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