Moe's Southwest Grillcoupon

I had (4) $5 coupons for a total of $20 to Moe's. As I walk in, I pull out my coupons and not once was I even greeted by your staff, the only question I got was, "Are those for this location?" He was referring to my coupons. After looking on the back (which I never did unfortunately) I realized my coupons were not valid for that specific location. However, I was in Atlanta and the coupon was good in many other Atlanta locations. I asked if he would be able to accept them and he said no. The issue is the customer service this specific team member provided. Since the moment I walked in, I felt as if I was a nuisance to them.

I then went to Willy's and paid full price. They also have a menu that describes what's actually in their items. Your menu on the wall just has a bunch of names with no description of the item. How am I supposed to know what I want there? Seems silly.

I do not eat Moe's OR Willy's ever and the only reason I was going to Moe's was because I had a coupon. I will say I had a much better experience with your competitor.

My name is Andrew Ferguson and my email is [protected] if you would like to reply

Jun 20, 2018

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