MiWay / home insurance

South Africa

I submitted a claim for a house burglary on 21/04/2017 which up till today has not been resolved, the assessor is avoiding my calls when I call customer care, they inform me that another assessor is working on my claim but they cannot give me his contact details and I must wait to be called. Its well over a month since the claim and Miway is dodging me after doing the investigation, I am shocked at this outrageous behavior from a Reputable Company, this is appalling service from Miway, they only provide good service when it comes to getting your business but when it comes time for them to pay, they delay as long as possible. Miway does not have to beg me each month for my Premium because its always on time but they making me hassle to get paid out and without our money they would be out of business, I reached my limit and have no other avenues of getting Miway to resolve my claim

May 30, 2017

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