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MiWay Insurance Complaints & Reviews

MiWay Insurance / myway client service who sold me this product

May 27, 2019

My claim number is :c1077905. I am not satified with the access which I must pay as I joined miway being under impression that miway is cheaper than my previous insurence. I requested the clip of my conversation with client service personnel when I joined the myway even now I have not...

MiWay Insurance / poor customer service

May 14, 2019

Hi I am a miway client and I feel really disappointed in the poor service I have been receiving the last 7 months. my wife (main driver) had an accident on the 28th of october 2018 when another car did not stop at a stop street and collided with her. The car was sent to a panelshop after we...

[Resolved] MiWay Insurance / roadside assistance

Feb 11, 2019

I'm really not happy about the poor service I received yesterday I called 3, 25pm and all my roadside assistance call were being cancelled for starters I explained that i'm in a hotspot I could be hijacked but no.. I'm the one who kept calling to ask if I will be assisted anytime soon i'm...

[Resolved] MiWay Insurance / third-party repair and assessment by assessor

Jan 29, 2019

Miway client reversed into my vehicle on the 9 December 2018. I went to AlfaTrio panelbeater and got a quote for the damages. Quote was sent to Miway and they are only prepared to pay half of the costs for repair. The Assessor was never out to view the vehicle or to the panelbeater. The...

[Resolved] MiWay Insurance / miway insurance suspended policy

Jan 28, 2019

Good day . I am a policy holder car insurance On 23rd - 24th of January my Husband requested a quote and accepted car insurance for Mazda 2 1, 5L . The price was given R624 and we requested payment to be linked to my debit order. Consultant who was helping us suddenly could not give me a...

[Resolved] MiWay Insurance / claim

Oct 29, 2018

The other guy bump my car at the back and now they said my car is writen Off, it is very difficult for my way to pay me and their buzy deducting money from my account, i want to know which car are we insuring by that money bcs the car is writen off And this thing of empty promice is waste...

[Resolved] MiWay Insurance / poor service

Oct 24, 2018

I am so dissappointed that Miway do not value or try to retain loyal customers. I have been a loyal customer with Miway for 6 years uninterrupted service, no accident or stolen car. Paid monthly premiums every month without any hassles. I purchased a new vehicle and wanted to include in...

[Resolved] MiWay Insurance / car insurance

Oct 09, 2018

Hi it's been 32 days since I had my accident and for some reason I still have not received my as the repairer has requested for additional funds from my insurer but miway is not stepping up and releasing these funds . I need a vehicle for my day to day use and have reached my my 30 day...

[Resolved] MiWay Insurance / third party claim no c977034

Sep 12, 2018

Your client bumped my car on 26 June today after almost 3 months I am still waiting for you to pay out R3500 that was confirmed with Lana Van Den Berg. My banking details was taken. I fixed my own car otherwise I would have still been driving with a bumped car. Please pay the R3500 as thi...

[Resolved] MiWay Insurance / cancellation of life insurance policy

Jun 19, 2018

On the 5th of June 2018, I received a call from Patricia.She told me about all the terms and conditions of the insurance policy, and I therefore requested her to send me a summary of my policy which I haven't yet received until today.I was therefore debited by Miway on the 20th of June...

[Resolved] MiWay Insurance / canceling insurance

Jun 13, 2018

My car was bumbed into end January 2018, i gave all the info from the other party to miway, up to date i had 2 call backs from their legal department, they said i have to pay the R4600 excess after 4 months still not resolved, i called to cancel my insurance with them, after calling them...

MiWay Insurance / incompetent staff

Jun 13, 2018

My car was bumbed into Janaury 2018, which was not my fault, i sent all documentation of the other party to mi way, they expect me to pay the R4600 + excess, the damage on the vechile is not even R4600, had 2 calls from them in 4 months, just phone to cancel my insurance was told the...

MiWay Insurance / bad service

Jun 12, 2018

Hi all. Here is my policy number 30831640 I started with miway insurance in 2015, I paid all my premiums on time. I was involved in an accident in march 2018 which was not my fault, they paid out my claim. Unfortunately I had another incident last month which was also approved without any...

[Resolved] MiWay Insurance / third party claim

May 31, 2018

I was reversing out of a company driveway, was enough time for me to reverse, Miway client was looking at her phone on her lap and didn't see me, therefore hitting into the back of my vehicle, all the other vehicles behind her slowed down as they all saw me reversing. Miway refuses to pay...

[Resolved] MiWay Insurance / negligence and theft

May 28, 2018

I went to file a case against MiWay this past Saturday on negligence and theft at Villeria SAPs. Its REF: CAS257/5/2018. Station. The case stems from the collection of my car by Precision Motors which Miway indicated should be delivered to Brooklyn Motors. I followed the tow truck until car...

[Resolved] MiWay Insurance / accident claim

Mar 28, 2018

I was involved in a car accident on the 15th of March 2018, a van veered me off the road and I actually felt like it hit me. a Miway assessor came on Monday the 26th of March to assess the accident scene. I told him upon arrival that I had not been back to the scene ever since the accident...

MiWay Insurance / cancellation of insurance

Mar 01, 2018

Good day my name is Stephanie Olivier, client number: 60016720. On the 29th of January I sent Abe brokers my cancellation letter, attached with my new policy letter from first for women (that wail start 1st march 2018), to give my 30 day notice at Midway . I phoned midway several times to...

[Resolved] MiWay Insurance / insurance policy

Feb 26, 2018

I am a new client with miway, my policy should commence 1 march 2018 and same day debit order... I have been trying for 3 yes three weeks to cancel this policy... I recorded my conversation where they say they can't assist with cancellations due to high call volumes... Why in the first...

[Resolved] MiWay Insurance / "the sooner you talk the truth, the claim will go quick" the senior assessor said that to me jp van der berg

Feb 01, 2018

CLAIM NO.C929534 As I was given Bridget Mohlahlo to assist me with the claims process, I feel like She is unable to assist me or She is no help to me. Because everytime I call her, she is always saying the senior assessor is still busy with my claim and will get back to me as soon as he i...

[Resolved] MiWay Insurance / claim payout

Dec 21, 2017

I have claimed for my laptop that broke. It was insureds for R9080 and something. I requested a claimscard and i only got R5700 and something. Why do i pay the amount to insure my stuff for a spicific amount and when i claim for it i get less out. I what my money dor what i insured it for...

[Resolved] MiWay Insurance / bad service / false advertising

Nov 02, 2017

I was called by Miway on the 26th October and spoke to a lady called Petunia. She wanted to "sell" me insurance that in the event they could not beat my current premium, they would pay me R400. Naturally i agreed and was then transferred to Zandisile who proceeded with the quote. At the end...

[Resolved] MiWay Insurance / the repairs to my car by bradbury panel beater in polokwane

Oct 10, 2017

I was involved in an accident on 21.06.2017. My car was fixed incompletely by Bradbury panel beater in Polokwane. My car was returned to me with faults. I drove the car to Pretoria and could never come back with it because the gears could not be activated. I have communicated with Palesa...

MiWay / am complaining about the decision to write my car off.

Jul 12, 2017

Good Day My name is Wonderboy Dlamini, I am one of the Business policy holders.I have submitted my claim with Miway .My car was involved in an accident last week, it was slightly demaged at the back and the front passenger door.I am not happy with the assessment and I believe that the car...

MiWay / home insurance

May 30, 2017

I submitted a claim for a house burglary on 21/04/2017 which up till today has not been resolved, the assessor is avoiding my calls when I call customer care, they inform me that another assessor is working on my claim but they cannot give me his contact details and I must wait to be...

MiWay / horrible service on claims

Sep 21, 2016

I submitted a claim with MiWay for my vehicle that was broken into where my radio was stolen. The facts are that the radio was not factory fitted and I did not stipulate it seperately on my policy so my claim was rejected which I have no other choice but to accept. What I cannot accept i...

Mi-Way / insurance

Sep 02, 2016

Policy Number: 31788919 Claim number : 757727 Client Name : Suzette Booyzen RE: Miway insurance On the 11 July 2016 I was in an accident with a mini bus taxi that drove in to the rear end of my car. Afterwards, I drove around the petrol station situated on the corner next to the...

MiWay / unreasonable lack of progress in claim

Aug 17, 2014

Since May 2014 I have been dealing with a MiWay legal advisor and it has been a drawn out and unpleasant experience. The staff member in question took so long to get ANYWHERE with the claim that eventually I had to get help from the Legal Team Manager who was embarrassed by his service...

[Resolved] MiWay Insurance / pay claims and interest

Mar 14, 2012

Got accident last year with my uninsured car - accident involved other cars...your client was also involved. Miway approached me to pay for a ll costs involved which is R33893.83 (Thrirty three thousands)...i was also told that ecause i don't pay cash i must pay 15% monthly interest...

MiWay / third party claim

Sep 27, 2011

I am also having the same problem with miway insurance. A client of theirs hit me and it was only by god;s grace I didnt loose my life. I have done eveything miway asked me to do, for 3 moths I have been out of work and my wife, only for them to tell me their client was right. This client...

MiWay / bad level of service

Jul 13, 2011

My car was damaged by a truck about 4 months ago and the details of the third party are at hand and police case was opened. I have submitted a claim through my insurance (Miway) and they welcomed it. They sent me to a Panel beater of their choice. The advisor of that panel beater qouted...

[Resolved] MiWay / miway is the worst company I have ever dealt with

Feb 09, 2011

I am amking a third party claim against a client of theirs and it has been the worst experience I have ever had to deal with! Only to get told that miway will not be paying out my claim because i was rear ended 'unintentionally'. How ever the cause, i was rear ended and now I...

[Resolved] MiWay / rejecting my claim as I would not remove an item

Feb 09, 2011

I signed up with Miway as they were cheaper and the service seemed better. Today I regret it. After being burgled in March, I was finally advised in April that my claim had been rejected. While waiting to have my claim finalised I had asked more than once, if there was a problem, only to...