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I am also having the same problem with miway insurance. A client of theirs hit me and it was only by god;s grace I didnt loose my life. I have done eveything miway asked me to do, for 3 moths I have been out of work and my wife, only for them to tell me their client was right. This client of theirs could not wait on the other side of the road where the robot on my side was green for me to go.
I wonder what kind of business enterprise would advertise and then not live up to their standards. I can never recommend such a company locally or internationally.

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  • Ma
      Jul 31, 2017

    Good day,

    I have also been experiencing hassles with Miway, they are actual ripoffs. My customer was hit by their client at the rear of the vehicle and while it was stationery and they still sided with their client as he mentioned that he did not have space to pass. As per the picture indicates a bus could have passed with ease.

    Miway should lose their license

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  • Si
      May 10, 2018

    Good Day

    My name is Ms Siphokazi Gqeba my policy number is 43991582 I took a MiWay car insurance on the 02 February 2018 the sales agent called me we did everything over the phone and the agent told me that I must take the vehicle for assessment I asked him where do I take the vehicle for assessment the agent told me that he is going to send the details by sms the detials were sent by sms that I must take my car for assessment in Umtata whereas I am in East London and my registration was not the registration that I gave them it was wrong after that my friends advised me to cancel MiWay because all of them had bad experience with the company and look at the reviews or complaints on the internet, I looked at the reviews on the internet none of the clients were happy with MiWay, on the 15 Ferbruary 2018 at 09:30 I sent an email to MiWay to cancel the policy despite the fact that I cancelled them they despite the fact that I have cancelled them, they continued with the debit order unfortunately for them there were insufficient fund, I took another insurance that was going to debit on the 25 April 2018 but MiWay continued to debit when that insurance debited there insufficient funds because the money was debited by MiWay I was involed in an accident I called the other insurance to claim they told me that I am not covered for this month I downloaded my bank statement and discovered that MiWay debited the money I called the other insurance and told them that their money was debited by MiWay they told me to make a claim from MiWAy I did my claim number is C959638 I did everything with them and they told me that I did not take my car for inspection I told them the reason for not taking my car for inspection the told me to wait for the following week as they only have their meetings to discuss these matters on a Friday to me this is an inconvinience because the car is not driveable the window is completely broken when I was taking the insurance I told them the car is paid up they wanted a vehicle inspection [censored] from the dealership I called the dealership and they told me that they do not keep the records after 5 years I have tried to lodge a complaint with the insurance Ombudsman they advised me to first lodge a complaint with MiWay complaints department first and see their response and then forward to them.

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