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1 Cardiff, Wales, South Glamorgan, United Kingdom

Hi I had the mirena coil inserted not as a contraceptive but to control heavy periods. Within a month of having the coil I suffered a severe bout of depression, having never suffered from depression this was a shock to myself and family.Resulted in having to take 3 months out of work.I Recieved treatment continued with everyday life returned to work.I then suffered from an ulcerative pain condition, severe lethargy, aching joints, nausea, swollen abdomen and the worst headaches I have ever experienced.I have also bizarrely having never experienced any food allergies a gluten intolerance.
Throughout the past 14 months I have been dressing an ulcerative rags which would not heal, I have been under the care of numerous specialist such as a general surgeon, dermatologist, GP, wound care specialist and gastro enterologist and gynaecologist.
I have had numerous treatments, test, biopseies, blood tests, gastroscopy, topical and oral antibiotics so many I've lost count.I have list many days with my young children due to these debilitating side effects .On the 7th of July I eventually had the mirena coil removed, already the ulcerative rash has almost healed, the severe headaches have gone, I cam tolerate small amounts of gluten.Some symptoms remain but I am convinced that I have doesn't 14 months suffering due to having something I felt was there for my benefit.Feeling so angry and let down.I would love to hear from others whom have experienced similar symptoms

Mirena Coil Bayer Health Care

Sep 02, 2014

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