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Mirena Class Action / Terrible service!

1 United States
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I was attacked by dr todd m beste while being seen by another doctor. may 23 2005 i was getting the mirena removed and my doc could not find it, he left me in th stirrups against my will and request to remove the specula and exited the room. He came back and i heard a new voice say there has never been one of these i could not get out, i felt stabbing pains jabbing in my uterus til i screamed stop. I was in shock that i was being assaulted on the table. The sound is still in my head, it sound like he was making beating on drums, cause the retrieval hook was hitting against the metal specula. I could not believe what had just happened with a cna in the room. dr todd m beste did not wash his hands or wear gloves because all that stuff was beside the head of the bed, so i never say his face or knew his name until i got a second set of medical records. I didn't see his face for months until i decided to google the name that belonged to my nightmare and a face popped up. Finally the dr giggles had a face. dr todd m beste caused an infection and swelling in my uterus, his nurses and secretaries hung up on me and ignored me for 3 days and 30 phone calls. i finally went to get my own records on the 3rd morning and they made me get on the scale, i almost fainted when i saw i had lost 20lbs, they wanted to admit me. WHY would i let these crazy people put me to sleep now after ignoring me for days. ECU school of medicine kept lying to me saying they were calling in percocet prescription for me, they never did. dr todd m beste is a crazy quack he did not have my consent to touch me and if you google his name you would not a man with a face like that play inside your body either. I talk about the side effects of the mirena on the dr todd m beste violated me and i suffer from PTSD because of what he did to me. Its been 3 years and i still have not gotten over it, he will not apologize or anything, He just moved to a new location.

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