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We informed our paper carrier in writing that we wished to cancel our subscription. The Star Tribune bills quarterly in advance and we also stopped paying when we canceled. They kept sending the paper and expect payment after the fact for newspapers we did not want. Threatening collection. We definitely will not ever subscribe to this newspaper again.

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  • Fr
      Aug 21, 2009

    We had the exact same thing, we ordered a prepaid 13-week Sunday paper. Apparently they kept sending it after 13 weeks was over (who's counting how many papers they get?) and then after about 15 calls asking us to renew they send a bill. After we told them we didn't ask for, pay for, or desire any more papers they sent a bill threatening collections if we don't pay the $26 or whatever. Their shady business practice is borderline criminal.

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  • De
      Aug 16, 2010

    YOU are both nuts. They send bills and it says on the bill, the paper will keep coming after the 13, 26, 52 weeks unless you call or contact them.

    Telling your news paper carrier is writing is crap. Carriers have not gone door to door for payment for over 20 years.

    I do not like the Editoral Board of this hunk of crap worthless as the day is long in June rag. But they have been always up front on billing.

    Just the commies that work on the Ed pages are nuts.

    Good Luck however.

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  • Bi
      Jul 15, 2013

    It is a shady business practice. They'll tell you that it's a "grace period" for your convienence, but that's nonsense. We all know that's it just a way for them to keep you on the hook. There's no reason at all for them not to simply stop delivering your paper on the day your subscription expires. It's just an excuse to continue billing you for something you don't want.

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  • Da
      Feb 28, 2018

    Billing Problem..
    We paid for 26 weeks and now they say since we paid by check it is an error.. We need to use our credit card to get this price. So we lost 46 days of getting the paper
    Service dates billed: 10/15/[protected]/15/18. (26 weeks)
    Amount Due:...$155.74
    We paid by check. (They Cashed)
    New bill as of --02/11/2018
    Service dates --02/28/2018--05/30/18 (13 weeks)
    Amount due $114.53.
    When I called to ask what happen...
    Was told you needed to use your credit card.
    There was an error..
    They don't care if you been a loyal customer for 50 yrs
    I guess it is a Bait and Switch. Tactic!!
    They lost. A good 7 day a week customer..

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  • Da
      Feb 28, 2018

    I made a comment and posted both photos of our bill and they used only one... Here is my bill where they didn't honor the price we paid... We lost 46 days of the paper .. Cuz we paid by check .. We found this out on 02/11/18. When our bill arrived. Our bill was from
    10/15/2017--04/15/18 (26 weeks)
    Amount due $155.74
    Paid by check $155.74
    Now they say its paid until --02/28/18.. !!
    What!!! We lost 46 days. And nobody cares
    Been a loyal customer for 50 yrs 7days a week
    We canceled the paper..
    I guess customers arnt right.. ..

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