MiniPocketRockets.comFraud and cheating

Do not buy from this company... they are a complete rip off. I ordered a bike for my son's birhday in May and I am still trying to get my money back!!! He rode it for 20 minutes and sparks were coming from the engine. 2 seconds later is stopped running all together. They told me they would send replacement parts which I have not gotten and they refused to allow me to return the bike since i put gas in it. How the heck do you know if it works if you don't put gas in it!!!

I charged it back through my cc company once they started hanging up on me and the so called manager told he he could care less if i was a satisfied customer or not. I was also told that if I sent it back they would refuse it. Once they got the notice from my credit card company they changed there tune and after lying about the whole issue they issued me a RA# and stated in writing that once it was received and deemed defective I would receive full credit.

I returned the bike and it was received by them on Sept 29th. I have been trying to get my money back for the last month. I was told today that I would get 214.25 which includes a restocking fee. I paid 319.00 for the bike and refused to accept the restocking fee. I was told I was being charged the restocking fee as the Bike is out of warranty. Funny that they told my credit card company that I would get 100% credit.

Everytime you call this company you get the run around. I asked for a manger three times today and got this guy Steve's voicemail that is not accepting messages.

Unless you want to get ripped off I would advise AGAINST dealing with this company. There DBA is Accessories online.

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