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I signed up for a trail offer for 1.00 as soon as I saw how much this company wanted for MAKE UP I clicked on the link to cancel. They shipped product anyway . I waited for them to send me information on how to return this product but I have yet to get anything. I went to withdraw money this money and found out that they have withdrew 134.00 from my account without my permission . My bank gave me a number to call and I got ahold of someone who informed me I only canceld my membership and that they would not refund my money or give me information on how to return the product.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Harrisburg, PA I explained I was going to file a compliant with the Attornery Generals office and that this company has stole my money . This women did not care and Charlene her supervisor was not in and she would return my call when she got into the office . This company is running a scam and stealing money . They give you no information on how to sent this product back then even when you click on the link to cancel they still send out product and take a large amount of money without permission. This is fraud and I would think Federal theft because they are stealing money over state lines by wire which puts them in a breaking Federal Laws. Do not sign up with this Company . EDEN is a theif.

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  • De
      Nov 13, 2008
    edens mineral makeup - unauthorized charge
    New York
    United States

    i ordered a free trial for shipping and was billed 2 weeks later unauthorized an amount of69.41i dont have that kind of money and i wouldnt spend it on makeup.

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  • No
      Nov 28, 2008


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  • El
      Dec 04, 2008

    I find I have the same problem I thought I was trying a sample for 1.00 plus shipping and handeling not buying a product for 70.00. It seem that the only way that they can swll their make up is by fraudelent advertising. The sin of it is that I have cancer and tried to use my card to pay for my drugs when I was told that I did not have enough m0ney only to find out that this company had removed $69.95 from my account when I told them about it I am met with their policy. Needless to say I can not get my medication. That has set me back in reatment quiet a bit. I hope they are satisfied I hope that I don't die for make up that I don't even wear. They sent a color that even if I did wear makeup would not match my skin.

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  • Ma
      Feb 11, 2009

    Same as above..sample and charged 120$...not impressed..crooks

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  • Ro
      Dec 10, 2009

    I wish i saw this before i order $1.00 free trial. I can't believe they send invoice for $1.00 but they dont send it for $103.04 "STRANGE"

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  • Yo
      Dec 21, 2009

    I refused delivery on my make up because there was no where to cancel after i order it. When I spoke to the company about getting my $134.01 back they said they could not because I did not follow the guide lines. While I was talking to the supervisor she stated that I refused delivery on 12/10/09 and she could see it in the compute. They took the money out of my account on 12/15/09. This is a scam, they could see I refused the product and still took the money out of my account. I am going to raise hell! I can not believe a company would act with such bad business practice! It is a blatant disregard to everyone that comes into contact with the company, not just myself. Do Not Purchase Eden products because they do not care about you the consumer!

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  • Ro
      Dec 26, 2009

    Signed up for a "trial" of the product through the internet to be eligible for other offers. Got a ridiculous product in the mail that my daughter said wasn't the product she expected.

    Then found that instead of postage and handling, as a "trial" product would cost, I was billed $130.41 under a generic name. Did a three way call with my credit card company and I was told I "Paid for a trial package." Hate to think what the regular price is...

    If Postage and handling is $130.41, then clearly this company isn't responsible in the slightest. Cancelled my credit card. Filing a FRAUD report with my credit card company. Plan to REFUSE to pay for my credit card if this fraud isn't dealt with this appropriately. Figure a disreputable con artist who could bill such amounts for a 'free trial' would think NOTHING of using my credit information for...

    This company will call it a "free trial" then on the phone a "trial package", and so forth. Acting STUPID like this was the most NORMAL thing in the world. I think I want them to pay $231 Postage and handling to take their UNOPENED INFERIOR VERSION back!

    It's about right since a "free trial" is $130.41. It would be FUNNY if they sent the 'regular' package now. I think I'd like to invoice them $333 since we all live in la la land and think 130 is a 'free trial'. The delivery charge must be FROM THE MOON where these guys are after smoking a few...

    They know they are lying. They're good cause they can calmly claim ON THE PHONE WITH THE CREDIT CARD COMPANY that you paid 130.41 for your 'trial package.' And wouldn't shut up about how this was 'ok', and how they wanted me to repeat all the personal information that they used to steal from me in the first place. I hung up and let the credit card company know I wasn't taking NO for an ANSWER

    Plain and simple, there must be something that rewards credit card companies for letting this happen.. Mine didn't like the six calls afterwards DEMANDING my card be cancelled. Guess that would hurt their business of overbilling..

    Now getting a new card, the forms to file the fraud charge, and no, I will NOT pay anything more than the minimum card payment until I am positive that they won't rebill under the new card arriving in a week.

    Yes, I charge hundreds a month... Getting a card through my mutual fund might be a BETTER BET if the money lords don't do this right! Fraud will be punished. Credit card companies can't afford to have PISSED OFF VICTIMS who not only debate the 130, but the 40 penalty when your card is overdrawn for xmas, and the loss of a customer that pays WELL BEFORE the deadlines.

    I will not be satisfied with simply a removal of charges. I want to know their 'legal representative.' Address, name and license number. I want them in court to pay their 200 to 599 fee I plan to charge for being blatant thieves. If the rep doesn't have a license to practice law, I will demand they return for an attorney or I will go class action. Lots of hungry attornies out there. [protected]

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  • Ms
      Dec 28, 2009

    I was just billed 130.41 from my debit account for eden mineral trial offer - which i did not even send for - they took my name from an inbox dollar account i have online - i did not receive a product and i am fighting now to regain my money - this is fraudulent - and theft!!! I did not order this item for gods sake - does anyone know what you do in this instance- any input would be helpful?

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  • Pa
      Jun 03, 2010

    You can find good mineral makeup on ebay. I received mine in the mail today and I only paid $21.95 for a full kit including brushes, and free shipping. Will last a few months with regular use. Mineral makeup contains no fillers, and it looks like you don't get much for your money, but you really do. Check the ingredients before you buy - the best mineral makeups will have very few ingredients, and the top three ingredients will be zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, and iron oxides. Avoid fillers and rice powders, ultramarine, and talc. I am not shilling for any mineral makeup sellers or companies, but I researched mineral makeup (and everything else I buy) thoroughly before setting money down..the internet is a vast information source, check it out before you buy it.

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  • Fa
      Jan 03, 2011

    The same thing happened to me! I am trying to get my money back, has anyone gotten their money back yet?

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