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The ad reads try our trial a 175.00 dollar value for only the shipping and handeling of 1.00 dollar. (product is mineral elements by eden) looked over fine print nothing further listed of any hidden fee's etc... the product arrives, beautiful bag and card with brushes, so, I thought woow! what a nice trial offer. next, I read the card that says'"if you have any questions of the product to call them". I call and I said ive recieved my trial today, iam in the bed with the flu", (so bear with me on my voice,) however I say." quote, "I just wanted to call and see how the trial works:, due to many comp[anies having hidden fees. I asked if I try the product and don't' like it'", I assume its mine to keep?) if I like or love it, how do I order more? how much is it? the operator states and I quote well mrs. v... you will need to return the unused portion and we will charge you a 25 dollar cancelation fee (what0 if we recive it within 15 days after you recieved it, next I quote, the operater states however what most people do is extend a additional 5 days to get a full trial so, they can see if they choose to keep or return it, the operater stated, I quote, for you with the flu as long as we have it back by november 23rd before 4 p.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in internet, NY m we will only charge the cancel fee of 25 dollars, if you keep the product you will be charged 175, 00 yes one hundred seventy five dollars. plus you will then be billes each 60 days 40 dollars to keep up your service. next if you cancel at any time there after, remember this is quote, the operater states we will then remove you from the list and you will pay the cancel fee of 25 dollars and the call ended, now me speaking, what in the wallflower is going on here,? how can a company do such a thing to a consumer, so the moral of these facts are, don't order any trials without finding out more info, like a phone number to call or something, this whole situation just floored me. not to mention, my husband is a cop and I work in law. have a nice safe internet browsing day friends. rip off artists, scams and its just well the words I want to use, you would have to read beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. thank you, a upset consumer putting the word out and to remain anyonomous... be careful... b... s... lori from nyc I was told a trial means quote however long a product lasts according to the amount given to the consumer per type of product, so thay asume once tere rule of trial runs out, you want more without even asking, explaining, the product looks good, I did return it, and iam still fighting the hidden fees of the 25 cancell fee.

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  • Sa
      Jun 27, 2010

    I had a similar incident with Mineral Elements by Eden. I recieved the notice from the delivery company stating that I had a package waiting from Mineral at my local post office. I was unable to get to the post office that day and ventured there the following. I picked up the pkg and was going to return directly back to Mineral, but I was running late getting my daughter to her concert. I rushed out of the post office. The next day, I injured my ankle and was unable to walk, let alone drive back to the post office. I decided to open the pkg to get the return label out of the box so I could send the product back. Upon doing so, I realized that there was a phone number to contact to get return information. I called Mineral, but got a message stating that they were closed and would not return until the next business day (which was Monday). So, Monday I called Mineral and they were unavailable--again! Tuesday, I decided I would go directly to the post office to see what I could do, nut called Mineral again. I finally got a real person on the line. I tols her that I wanted the return information so I could mail the product back. She told me, in a nutshell, that, "Your ten-day trial is up. Enjoy your product! Bye!" I caught her before she hung up and told her that I just recieved the product four days ago. Her response was, "Your 10-day trial starts the day we ship it to you. We shipped it on Monday." "That's NOT 10 days! And I didn't order it until Wednesday, " I said. Again, she said, "Enjoy your product! We will be charging your account $175.00 within 24-hrs! Bye!" And hung up. I even got legal services involved and there was nothing that they could do. I had to close out my bank account because Mineral kept charging my account! Now, I owe my bank over $500 because of Mineral! What can I do!

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  • Hd
      Nov 24, 2010

    This morning I found my back account to had been charged $130.41 from mineral elements. I had canceled this member ship service the day I recieved the package in the mail and sent the stuff back. I called the office today to discuss this and ask that my $130 be put back into my account. I was told that I did not cancel my membership 2 weeks ago and that I did not send the product back. I asked to speak with a manager and was told one would have to call me back. WHAT kind of company is this. I just want my money back, they have there product back.

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  • Am
      Dec 04, 2010

    I went to their website, and on the bottom line there is a link which says "return and refunds policy", and yes, they give you a phone number to call [protected] ), but they don't mention anything about the $25 cancellation fee. I think maybe they take advantage that most people don't take the time to read, and get fooled by the advertisement.

    I am calling them right now, and I am waiting for minutes... Maybe it's done for a purpose to fool people, so they will give up on trying on the phone.

    After 15 minutes waiting, a lady called Ashley said if I order it now I only pay the $1 and the shipping to return... I don't know now if she is lying, after reading what happened to you.

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  • By
      Feb 02, 2011

    This company is a TOTAL SCAM! Making you believe that you will only pay $1 and make you fill your credit card information, and after you click OK, there will be another page showing up and basically says that you will also be charged $130 after 15 days, and to confirm this you should put your credit card information AGAIN.
    I NEVER put it in again, in other words, I never confirm the transaction, but they went ahead and sent me the trials, and charge me $5 for shipping and handling and $130 for trials!!! I talked to a few different people this last 2 days and they won't give me my money back!
    THIS IS A SCAM!! DON'T EVEN BELIEVE THEM!! They tell outright lies!

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