Mike Diamond ServicesUnethical behaviour

I was told the cost of pulling the toilet from it's seat was $350.00 extra. I agreed to that because the drain needed to be draining. After the job was complete I was told if I pay cash the job would be cheaper. I was given the option to pay with 2 checks due to the fact that I had no cash on me, 1 check for Mike Diamond, and 1 check to the tech doing the job. I informed the tech that I would write 1 check for the job payable to Mike Diamond. The date this happened was today 03/23/2016. I don't have the client number but the contract receipt he gave me is 2300384. The name on his shirt was Gabriel.
The total cost to me was $449.00. The job took one hour 25 minutes from start to the time the tech drove off. I thought your company should know that you could be loosing money with people like this working for you. I'm asking you to review my bill and if you see fit to refund anything that's up to you. Thank you for looking into this please let me know the outcome.
Edward W. Oberlander

P.S. The address of the job was 5212 N. Burton St.
San Gabriel, Ca.

Again Thank You

Mar 23, 2016

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