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Miele / W 5100 washing machine

1 Nicosia, Cyprus
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Miele Washing Machine: I bought trash at the price of gold (€1350!!!)

I bought a new MIELE W 5100 Ecocare washing machine in 2012 (it's now 4 years old) in Cyprus. I was offered a 10 year manufacturer's warranty.

The first problem appeared 8 months after I bought it: a lot of water was licking through the door of the w/m on the kitchen floor. Thank god I was at home and the water didn't make it to the living room to destroy the wooden floor. I noticed that the sealing rubber of the door was cut (pic 1). The Miele technician who came to replace it said that it was not covered by the warranty (only a convenient -for the company- selection of parts is covered) and I should pay €110!!! to replace it. They also suggested that I caused the problem, because I didn't know the right way to put the clothes in and pull them out of the washing machine!!! They showed me the right way and I learned ☺. Anyway, I replaced the rubber.

Three years after, a second problem came up, again with the sealing rubber. Only this time it literally melted (pic 2) letting water leak in the washing machine. I called the Miele service department in Cyprus again and expressed my frustration, since it was the 2nd time in four years that I had to replace the sealing rubber. They insisted that I should pay for the rubber. This time, because they didn't think of a fancy explanation of how this was my fault again (like washing clothes with strong acid), they came up with another ridiculous story: that I should know that I' m supposed to change the sealing rubber every now and then, the same way I do it with my car!!! As if a washing machine rolls on its door sealing rubber. I paid €110 and I replaced it.

Now, given that I never had to change the sealing rubber of much cheaper washing machines in the past, I came to the conclusion that Miele is not exactly the definition of quality. In my opinion, both times, the problem was caused by design and/or quality issues. Feeling completely unsatisfied from the company and the washing machine, I sold it to get rid of trash I bought at the price of gold. Never again Miele. Not to mention the fact that both times it took around 12 days to replace the sealing rubber. In the meantime we had to wash our clothes at friends who were lucky enough NOT to have a Miele washing machine.

When the representative of Miele in Cyprus told me on the phone that this issue (the 2nd one) is very common and natural, I asked her if she didn't mind if I published the story online. She answered, and I quote: “Miele is not afraid of this kind of reviews. You are free to publish your story”. I also contacted Miele in Germany via message on their facebook page, and their answer was a pdf document with the list of the parts that are covered by the 10 years warranty.

So, feeling free, I'm publishing the story… (to protect potential customers)

Thank you, Miele!!!
I'm so happy I will NOT have to deal with you and your “premium” products in the future,

Kypros Pisialis


Nov 15, 2016

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