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Microsoft / microsoft x-box live billing dept

1 1449 Route 82Hopewell Junction, NY, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 845-227-2389

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Affidavit of disputed paypal atm/debit card transactions
Please print and sign the completed form, then send it to us via postal mail (Paypal, attn: paypal debit card department, p. O. Box 45950, omaha, ne [protected], united states) or fax to [protected]. Incomplete forms will be returned.
Date: 5/15/09
Primary email:
First name: gregory
Last name: chiusano
Address line 1: 1449 rt. 82
City / state / zip: hopewell jct / ny / 12533
Home phone number: [protected]
Atm/debit card number: xxxx xxxx 0097
Transaction information. Customer must attempt to resolve the dispute with the merchant and document the attempt. Use additional sheets if necessary.
Transaction date name of merchant transaction amount
1 3/29/09 microsoft x-box live $21.61
2 5/15/09 microsoft x-box live $13.52 attempt

Please check the box (Es) that best describes your dispute:
X I certify that I did not make this purchase.
_ this purchase was made by cash, check or credit card; but it also appears on my statement.
A copy of a) the cash receipt, or b) the front and back of the cancelled check, or c) the statement on which the purchase appears is required.
_ the amount I purchased differs from the amount billed.
A copy of the sales slip or packing invoice for mail orders is required.
_ I have received a credit slip and the credit has not appeared on my statement yet.
A copy of your credit slip is required.
_ I have received an "in store credit" and request that my account be credited.
The original in-store credit is required.
X I did authorize the sale. However:
_ I have not received the merchandise. The expected delivery date was
X I have not received the expected service. [explain in full on the back of this sheet.]
_ the merchandise received was defective and was returned on.
Proof of return and explanationof defect is required.
X I attempted to cancel this purchase with the merchant on 3/1/09. The merchant reply was _ [include copies of correspondence]
_ this sale was a cancelled hotel reservation. My cancellation number is. Date of cancellation is.
_ only one sale was authorized. The amount in question is a duplicate of a sale, which was charged to my account on. The card (S) is/are still in my possession.

Description of dispute: (Use additional sheets if necessary)

My son received x-box 360 for xmas, 08 and I made a 3 month purchase some time in january for x-box live. On or about 3/1/09 he was punished and x-box live was removed for his use, and or there about, I canceled the account with microsoft x-box live, and requested mt pay pal debit card # be removed for the future. The account was to run out/expire on 3/23/09. On 3/29/09 there was a charge to my card in the amount of $21.61 unauthorized by me (My 15 yr old son played x-box live and is a minor and not authorized to use my card without my permission) and an atempt today 5/15/09 for the amount of $13.52. Microsoft x-box live has committed a crime, theft, in my eyes and I should forward this to the attorney general office for investigation. I have spent the better part of 2 hours on the phone with microsoft live in regards to their theft/use of my card, as I am typing this I have been on hold with yet another microsoft agent for 25 minutes thus far. 2 hours of my time/rate of pay 1-1/2 x $40.50 =$124.50 + charge of $21.61 +20% interest ($4.32) =a grand total $150.43 I am requesting that pay-pay get that amount from microsoft x-box live and credit my account with that amount. I feel that this is a reasonable request, and microsoft should honor and pay. I have been disconnected form microsoft 3 times in the last 3 hours thanks, greg chiusano
The undersigned deposes and says that he/she is an owner of the above stated account and that on the date (S) stated above, the sum of the amount (S) was transacted on said account and the undersigned did not receive the stated amount or any part thereof on any date (S) above or otherwise. This affidavit is made voluntarily and to establish the fact that the disputed activity written on the above stated account was not authorized. The undersigned authorize (S) paypal to release any necessary account information to entities outside of paypal as part of their transaction.

Account owner signature

Secondary cardholder signature
(If the disputed transaction is on a secondary debit card)

The above was sent to pay-pal and will also be sent to the attorney general's office.
I am appalled by the response from the reps for microsoft, and the fact that I was lied to is dishonorable.
In is my feeling and knowledge that when an account is closed all records/credit card #s are deleted especially credit cards, so one would think, but not in this case. When I canceled the x-box live account, that my 15 yr old minor son had opened, I was told by the microsoft rep that this account can not be ever used again. Not the case only 6 days later and then again about 1 month later my son was able to use this closed account and my credit card info and make purchases on x-box live and microsoft willingly and wrongfully accepted without ever contacting the card account holder.
I'll wait for a response from yet another microsoft rep... Don't worry I won't hold my breath.
Reference number from microsoft x-box live rep #[protected] I am sure they retained all the info about this complaint, after all if they said it was deleted... That would not be true... They keep everything
Greg chiusano

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