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I have always been a big fan of Windows, but right now I am frustrated that since Windows XP, every newer windows I buy can play less of my favorite games. I live off grid, and I have very, very, very limited internet, so internet gaming is often not an option, and when it is, I have to play over metered connections. One by one, my favorite offline games are rendered useless due to compatibility issues. When you came out with the 32 bit systems, I could play 16 or 32 bit programs, but for some reason the 64 bit system will not even install many of the 32 bit programs, so to me this is a serious downgrade in capability. I am at a loss as I can only play about 2 or 3 of some 30 of my favorite offline games on Windows 10 now, and gaming is almost the only thing I even buy and use computers for. If I cannot use my offline games, then I have no reason to buy your computers or software. I really hope you can give me a good reason to keep buying from you, but in my situation, unless you provide me a way to access and use my software, I will no longer have any reason to buy from you. My specific problem this time, is that I cannot get any software to install from my cd/dvd player. The same issue appears to affect another elderly friend of mine's laptop.

Jan 21, 2017

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