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This place is a rip off! Customer service and tech support are an absolute joke. I bought my laptop here (A sony vaio $1999) three years ago and purchased their platinum protection plan ($500). Their sales reps smiled and congratulated me on my purchase, walked me and my purchases to the car, and explained that if anything should go wrong or happen to my new laptop, just bring it in, its covered and they'll take care of it...

Cut to december 2008, my laptop was overheating, I took the laptop back for servicing. After some confusion with passwords, I was told a week later it was ready. However, when I collected it, I noticed the same problem reoccurring. I contacted tech support and they assured me everything was fine. When I asked what tests they had run, they said they had turned it on and left it on overnight and could not recreate any of the problems. I asked them if they had tried running any programs or applications, they stated they hadn't as they didn't have the password for my computer!!!... Okay... But I did give that to you.

Pan forward to march 2009, I dropped my computer, but not to worry thought, I had that all inclusive expensive protection plan. I drove down to santa clara and dropped off my laptop. Again, that same smile as I filled out the work order.

This time was laptop was sent out for servicing. Apparently from what I had been able to piece together from the many fragmented conversations, was that the hard drive, the camera, the case, the screen, the usb ports, the audio, the keyboard and motherboard were all damaged and the plan would be to replace them all??? It was cheaper ($1880) than giving me a replacement. Does this seem like a good idea? I explained that I didn't want a hodgepodge refurbished machine and I was assured that the laptop would be "as good as new". Hmmmm...

A week and a half later, I was told, it was ready and they fed-ex'd it to me. Imagine my surprise to find, a hodgepodge of parts listed in the systems menu (And my original hard drive returned to me in a ziplock bag). I called and mentioned this, they told me to send it back and they would check on that for me. A few days later, I was sent a screen shot indicating that all was well. They sent back the laptop. I figured, everything seems ok... Let me get started and download itunes and get my music sorted the middle of a very slow download of itunes, I noticed my usb port didn't seem to working. Right about then, the laptop froze and crashed.

I called microcenter, i'm told... Send it back! So fed-ex picks it up again, and off it goes. I asked about a replacement while this fiasco is continuing, red informed me I would have to put a credit card down to guarantee their laptop is returned undamaged. I wonder why their laptop is so valuable and mine isn't. He informs me that my laptop isn't worth $60. That can't be right I tell him, they just spent $1880 on parts to put it back together. He chuckled and said this was the best he could do. I declined throwing more money after bad, and hunkered down for more time without a computer.

This time they said the windows update caused the hard drive to crash. The solution they stated, was to turn off the automatic update feature which comes with windows. Now, the problem red caleb, the manager proudly explained was a software problem not a hardware one, really... He switched the "brand new" this one will definitely work hard drive out of the laptop and put in "one [he] knows is going to work" in the laptop and shipped it back. Well needless to say, one cannot run any programs on windows xp (2001 release) without any updates. Without opening the box, I took it back into microcenter, 3 weeks ago. While there, I asked to speak to one of the managers, none came out. However, I was told red had just left and denny would call me back by wednesday... Three weeks later, still no word...

Within this quagmire of foolishness, I had spoken to the company that does the repairs, microcenter's east coast customer service line (Barbara and?), microcenter's santa clara manager (Red) and general manager (Denny). It's now august, I still don't have a working laptop, I leave messages, no one calls back. I have to wonder who is running this store while everyone is in meetings, gone for the day or off today?

I'll tell you who... It's dear sweet emily (The supervisor) who cannot assist as the situation has already gone over her head and she's not familiar with my situation, but can understand i'm upset and is sorry no one is calling me back, but she can leave a message for red (As he is currently in a meeting and unavailable) and denny, well he isn't in today! Leave a message... Why thanks emily... I didn't think of that!!!

If that doesn't sum up my experience the hang up from emily on the phone should!!

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