Michael Korscannot exchange

For Christmas this year, my siblings and I wanted to buy my mom winter boots. I was looking into Uggs or the Michael Kors winter tall boots. Since my mom loves Michael Kors, I thought she would love the MK boots. I looked on-line and saw the boots on sale at Macy's. I also saw it on sale at
I decided to order it directly at Michael Kors. Christmas was here and we were super excited to see our mom open her gift.
She LOVES them! But unfortunately it is too small. She is a 7.5/8... so I thought the 8 were the right size. I told my mom that I would exchange it for her and get size 9.
I did not want to deal with mailing back hassle, so I went to Michael Kors store (Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas) Spoke to a couple of sales girls and then 2 managers... they then told me that they do not carry the boots and that they cannot return it for me because they were on sale. I asked, can you just give me a store credit and I'll have my mom pick out something out herself. They said NO!. I said "WOW" what bad customer service! Think about it, if you give me a credit of $150.00 for the "sale" price (I wasn't asking for the full price credit), she probably would have come in and purchased something for more than $150.00. She could have purchased a purse for double that amount. Customer happy and Michael Kors takes more of our hard earned $money$!! It's a win, win situation for Michael Kors! Why doesn't Michael Kors want to keep their customer happy and to want to make more money is baffling me!!
So after being upset, I left Michael Kors. I called Michael Kors customer service line and I explained that I bought this boots for my mom for Christmas, but they are too small. I just want to exchange them for 1 size up. Dedra (customer service rep), then tells me they do not have the size in stock (sold out). So then, I asked I would like to return them and maybe get store credit so that my mom can pick out something herself on-line. SHE TOLD ME... NO! Unfortunately, we do not take exchanges and returns on ALL sale items. WHAT COMPANY DOES THAT??? Especially on-line!!! Dedra told me that it is posted on-line that you CANNOT exchange or return anything that is on-sale!! I'M SORRY, I DIDN'T KNOW THAT I HAD TO READ THE FINE PRINTS TO ORDER OR PURCHASE SOMETHING FROM MICHAEL KORS!! If I would have known that, I could have ordered through MACY'S. OR BETTER YET.. I COULD HAVE ORDERED HER UGGS or The North Face boots!! WHAT AM I SUPPOSE TO DO WITH THESE SHOES THAT DOES NOT FIT?!?!? SO NOW MY MOM HAS BOOTS FOR CHRISTMAS THAT DO NOT FIT HER.
SHAME ON Michael Kors!!

Dec 29, 2014

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