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I want to make to make myself clear about MGC Mortgage so that there is NO misunderstanding they don't do RE-MOD please people listen to me. I have been fighting MGC for 2 years and this is why I started this class action suit.

I am being told by the attorney that some of you don't have your fact straight and you don't have your documentation ready when ask certain questions. I was also told that someone told the attorney go and look on the complaint board!! This is serious if you are not serious please don't call me.

I have stated this over and over again MGC MORTGAGE doesn't do RE-MOD'S once you understand this then you will understand what is going on here. They don't have to do re-mod since they did not take any of the stilumas package associated with the Affordable Home Act that the president pasted. Please don't complain to the attorney about.

If they were going to give you a re-mod it would be between $11.00 and $150.00 please wake up this is NOT and remod.

People when you get a letter from there attorney starting forclorsuer please DON'T CALL there attorney they will tell you not to come to court! This is a easy way for them to obtain judgement against you and take your home.

You don't have to believe me just ask some of my is a sad day for me I know you folks don't know me but I am not telling you anything's just human nature not to believe someone you don't know.. but my prayers go out to the family in Ohio...

If you serious about keeping your home please call me [protected] Best Wishes Terry

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      Dec 17, 2010

    I whole-heartedly agree with you - you are absolutely correct. This company has got to be stopped. I would like to join your cause and participate in the class action. You are doing a good thing and need support. There is power in numbers.

    I can't even remember how long I have been fighting MGC. I put my house up for short sale last October (2009). I am still making payments to save my credit. It would be nice if they would get on the ball and accept the offer on the table.

    Please get back with me. As I said, I want to join the cause.


    I have registered a complaint with the FTC today and am filing with the Florida Mortgage Fraud.

    C. Foster

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