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Plano, TX, United States

Happy New Year Everyone!! I hope that your holidays were nice.
Mgc Mortgage seems to be still at it they continue to do the same things they have a repeated pattern for the over years don't be fooled 2011 will not be anything differnet. I don't know if anyone noticed THAT THERE NUMBER WAS ONCE AGAIN DISCONNECTED!!! last week Wow this must be the only company in America that has NOT paid there phone bill and has had more disconnections in the history of time!!! but continues to STEAL.

Not sure if anyone has been reading the news but good ole Andy Beal's wife is dumping him she is even SICK of his foolish ways!! the paper reports that he had someone break into her home and steal important documemtation that she needed for court...hummm does this sound fimilar since he continues to send bums and criminals to our homes calling this a BPO or home inspections and charging bogus charges or are they really sending these people to our homes to STEAL? I would like everyone who is having a problem with this company to please do QWR.

Now you ask what is that Qualified Written Request it's a letter here is where you want to list everything you want to know in a letter format.This letter should include your name, address, loan number, and list your complaints in order 1, 2, 3, etc you can request anything that you want to see for example payment history for the last 3 years, copies of checks paid to your insurance company, you can ask for explaination of all fees in detail, how your money was applied, you got the picture. Make sure that you letter is professional! this letter serves as a court document.

Here is the thing YOU send this letter cerfied and send a copy in the regular mail. They have only 20 days to responsed. PLEASE LISTEN TO ME DO NOT EXTENT THEM ANYTIME BEYOND THIS TIME. They are suppose send you letter stating that they got yours and this is where they get you when they send this letter it will tell you they need time. For example it will say we will provide this information within 30 to 90 days. SAY NO. Your letter must contain the RESPO LAW this is FEDERAL LAW they must reply.YOU ONLY NEED TO ADD THE ONE PARGRAPH OF THE RESPO LAW AT THE BOTTOM OF YOUR LETTER!!! You can find the law on the web. IF THEY DO NOT RESPONSED within this time frame this is a GREAT DAY FOR YOU!!! please call me asap [protected] As always this is Terry keeping you informed and please do not hesitate to call me people you are not alone in this battle!!! Keep up the fight!! and don't give up!

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