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If you have a complaint and I know you do the FDIC is the governing agency over Beal Bank/MGC. PLEASE go to the "consumer protection page" hit "quick links" then "consumer assistance" and fill ou the On-line form. Make sure you check the little box that allows the fdic to investigate. DON'T GIVE UP HOPE, THERE ARE THOUSANDS OF US.

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  • Be
      Oct 25, 2013

    Complaining to the FDIC doesn't seem to accomplish much. I'm sure there are thousands of victims of the MGC Mortgage, LNV Corporation and Dovenmuehle Mortgage trio. MGC and LNV are owned by Daniel Andrew Beal the sole owner of Beal Bank. We have discovered that MGC does not have an EIN number and that Beal launders money through thousands of sham companies he creates to evade taxes. It's better to report him to the IRS and the FBI. He has forged homeowner signatures on documents they never signed and used them in court. He uses Dovenmuehle to launder money. They have an overseas wire account and money they extort from homeowners is sent overseas to fund illegal gambling operations. D. Andrew Beal is connected with members of two Russian-American crime organizations

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  • Vj
      Nov 18, 2015

    MGC Mortgage, Beal Bank, Dovenmuehle Mortgage Servicing are trying to collect on a mortgage that was taken out in 1997 by my now deceased mother, who died in 2005. When I notified this company of the death I was told to just continue paying the mortgage. I was not told to file probate. That instruction came from the tax assessor's office 8 years after my mother's death. Now, Beal Bank has foreclosed on my home in my mother's name even though title is in my name.

    You are right. It seems to do no good contacting the FDIC, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, BBB, and any others in the alphabet soup of those supposed to help homeowners. I am terribly disappointed and have not enough money to fight these people in court. They are trying to steal my home for the equity. I owe less than $50, 000 and they are trying their best to take my home and no one seems able to stop them.

    I've reported Andrew Beal to the FBI and am trying to report him to the IRS. I simply do not understand why no one is able to stop this modern day robber baron unless it is his money that continues to line the pockets of those who are supposed to help consumers.

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  • Jo
      Nov 22, 2015

    VJ Hamilton-----

    Please contact me at [protected] We need to talk.

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  • Si
      Jan 19, 2016

    FDIC is NOT regulator for Beal...FDIC is a private entity. Yes, he needs to be reported to the IRS (which is also private of which he may have already paid off), the police, as well as the IMF for laundering money overseas. Modern day baron is most is thief, launderer, bribery, greedmonger, and white collar criminal!!! Your day is coming Daddy Beal and Minions. Count on it. BTW, J. Pat Heptig, go find your pen! You will run out of ink before you shut us all up! Stick that in your patent pipe and smoke it!!!

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  • Vj
      Apr 05, 2017

    Mother Nature provided the means to get out from under Beal Bank, but still I was robbed in the process.

    A tree fell on my home. Insurance paid for the damages. MGC Mortgage is listed as mortgage holder on my insurance. They took the insurance proceeds to pay off a concocted Trust Deed. My attorney, Brad Weil, allowed them to do this, demonstrating his corruptibility. They also held onto my property tax refund. Mind, I am getting no interest payments and it is illegal to pay off financial instruments with insurance funds.

    Once notified of probate's closing, MGC Mortgage shut down communications with me even though I was the executor of my mother's Estate. They disappeared all paperwork that would have allowed me to be recogized to speak and act on her account. Complete shutout. As probate closed awarding the property to me, with no claims filed on the Estate, Beal Bank filed foreclosure against the Estate that no longer existed. They never filed a claim in court and that is noted in the Final Distribution.

    In bankruptcy court, Beal Bank lied and said they held a Trust Deed, had owned it since two years before my mother's death, that they had no knowledge of her death until I filed probate. Then, they stole my insurance and property tax funds with the help of my attorney, changed their reason for perfection to Mortgage, gave me not one accounting of how my funds were spent, and dropped off radar for seven months as my attorney waited for a soft dismissal of the BK for nonpayment. Brad Weil did not report the snatching of my funds to the court, so you know I had to write him up, too.

    Still no way to stop Beal, but we must continue amassing evidence and submitting it to agencies most likely to act. They are holding my tax refund right now, refusing to issue it to me in my name, preferring to write the check to an Estate that has been closed for two years so as to maintain the illusion that they filed a legitimate claim against the Estate, no matter what was determined in probate.

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