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CA, United States

Wednesday May 2, 2012
To: California Consumer Complaints, Reviews, and Information
My Complaint regarding MetroPCS Cell Phone Company:
There is no Fraud Department. If so, when asked, no one at MetroPCS has given me any information regarding such a Department, nor has anyone given me a phone number where a person answers, only a recorded message or their website.
In believing my phone(s) being cloned, all MetroPCS kept suggesting was to purchase another cell phone. No one ever offered any assistance in this regard. The sales staff was was not even aware of this type of technology, which shows you how far behind MPCS is in comparison to their competition.
Also, Having minimal MetroPCS Centers that are the only place to get repairs or things handled on a Metro cell phone was irritating, ridiculous, prehistoric and a waist of valuable time. Waiting in Lines????????????
If someone can help, please send me a message.

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