MetroPCSrebate scam

On 10/25/2016, I submitted an online rebate form to metropcs for a $50 rebate on my phone. I filled out the form completely with my contact information, imei number and my purchase receipt. They said it would take up to 12 weeks for me to receive it. After I submitted the form, I received an email with the information to track my rebate.

Today, 1/9/2017, I decided to check on my rebate and found out it was denied on 11/1/2016 and they claim a denial letter was mailed. This is a total lie, because I never received such letter.

The reason for the denial, as stated on their website, was "the receipt you submitted is not from a qualifying purchase location. " this is also a lie, because I purchased the phone from the metropcs website and I provided the same receipt I printed from their website.

I tried calling the toll free number for "rebate questions" provided on their website at 8:30am and I heard a message they were closed. The information of the website states they operate "monday-friday 7am-7pm cst". Well, it's monday 7:30am cst and they are closed. Another lie.

I finally contacted them via "live chat" and I was told the reason for the denial was because "i did not provide the imei information". Damn, another lie, because the imei was provided when I filled out the online form, which I am looking at my copy and the information provided was correct.

These lies, after lies and after lies, lead me to believe they are trying to scam their customers from their rebates. The scam seems very clear to me, because they are banking on the following:

- most people fill out the form and hope to receive their rebate within 12 weeks. The assume they are dealing with a serious and honest company.

- not everybody bothers to check the status of their rebate, because they don't have time, they have deleted the email or have misplaced the information.

- most people don't even know their rebate has been denied, because they never received the denial letter. Metropcs doesn't even send a "denial email", because most people would see it and read it.

- after 12 weeks, most people don't even remember about the rebate.

- even after knowing about a "rebate denial", some people don't want to deal with too much hassle and give up on their claim.

- metropcs has discovered the perfect recipe for a scam. That explains the 12 week processing delay.

- why don't they offer an "instant rebate" instead of putting their customers through such a hassle? The answer is simple, their scam wouldn't work.

During my "live chat" today, I had to provide the imei information again and I was told I will get my rebate in 8-12 weeks. That is absurd!

I will be filing complains with all applicable consumer protection agencies and request an investigation into metropcs rebate scam.

Jan 09, 2017

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