MetroPCS / metro pcs fraud

Los Angeles, CA, United States
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I purchased a phone plan (standalone, no device) at night from Metro PCS store - 5555 E Stearns St

Long Beach, CA 90815, of which the manager is named Jose. Before I made payment I was very clear on specific features I wanted and confirmed with them several times, but the sales lied just to talk me into their "non refundable" contract. Within less than 2 hours, I found out I was cheated and I went to disconnect and ask for refund the next day morning (because of the business hours). Before I went there, I called customer service and they agreed to refund me and asked me to go to the store to get cash refund, however, once I was in store, the manager - Jose, did not care about what the customer service said at all, and insisted there was no refund for me. While I was arguing with Jose, I got a text message saying I was charged $358 last night (please notice, I wasn't notified immediately when I was charged, and I did not know until another day). After a long argument, customer service "changed their minds" from issuing cash refund to "mail a check". Metro PCS is a very weird company, all the stores did not comply with customer service, and different staff working at the call center of Metro PCS are inconsistent with each other either.

Jose's tough attitudes made me feel I definitely was not the first "victim" and of course he would not refund me, otherwise, it would not be called a fraud. This store secretly bills people as they want.

I believed what a "supervisor of customer service" told me on phone "it will take 4-8 weeks to process the check" instead of giving back my money scammed immediately despite I paid them immediately and asked to disconnect in less than 8 hours without using any of their service.

update: (as of June 2015) Later each time i called to follow up, the customer service cheated and lied that the check would arrive in a few weeks, now it has been over a year, there was never a check mailed.
MetroPCS even wipped out the transaction from their computer system.

I called customer service, and the first phone representative from Metro PCS told me because my line was still active and owed Metro PCS money, so this was non-refundable. The case I reported 2 months ago did not exist at all, and my personal information for mailing the check did not exist at all. When questioned why this happened, the customer service said she did not know. When told Metro PCS promised they would refund me by check, the customer service said "you are not gonna have it".

The customer service directed me to go to one of their main stores - 9070 Van Nuys Blvd

Panorama City, CA 91402 to see the options available for me. Once again, I was too naive to believe the Metro PCS and went to that store. The store was crowed with customers waiting but some staff had no one in front of their desks at all. The waiting time can be comparable to DMV and you can even have a nap before your name is called.

Once I was called, I explained what happened to me and why I was here, but their staff kept asking me to do something that I already did, and whenever I said "I already did" some tall staff forbid me from talking and said "you need to listen. either you call the customer service or you leave". Finally their young manager (do not know his name) came over, first of all, he executed his little power by asking me to talk to him at another desk, then he asked me questions without even having the patience to hear my full story, he said something like "do you understand my questions?" sounds like he thinks he is mexican and smarter than all other races (no wonder I barely saw any white, black, asian customers at Metro PCS stores, and Metro PCS stores are full of mexican customers.) I told him, when I purchased the plan, the sales lied about the features I wanted, instead of allowing me to finish my talking, this manager then focus on "what features you wanted" and kept asking this question. I told him this was irrelevant to my visit here today and it had been long time and there was no point for me to remember the sales' lies. Feeling upset that he could not manipulate me, the manager asked security guard to kick me out (because I did not answer his irrelevant question) and he even lied in front of all people saying "you have been removed from 2 stores" and he could not even list which two stores except the first fraud store at long beach. Interesting enough, at first he said he did not know what happened to me because there was no record in his computer system, then later he said he knew I was removed from 2 stores because they had notes in system. What a stupid racist manager Metro PCS has got! He was not even able to remember his lies.

It is very clear to me that the experiences with Metro PCS is pure SCAM. Metro PCS's business model is - cheat and run away. If I'm not wrong, Metro PCS should be owned by some mexcian mafia. 98% of the employees are male mexicans. Finally the border crisis pays off - they can put up a mafia phone carriers in California and United States.

Everybdy in MetroPCS is a liar. The MetroPCS itself is fraud. MetroPCS does not care about its reputation at all because they know they do not have a reputation.

Jun 13, 2015

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