MetropcsI am making a complaint about an employee/store

I had two lines on my account. The other party went in and wanted to make a payment .They had to call me for me to give the sales person my high security password because this person was not allowed to have it, and only allowed to pay on the bill.When the metro pcs sales person got on the phone I asked her was I on speaker phone she stated that I was not. I then explained to her that this person was not to make any changes on this account except pay the bill. I asked her did she understand she stated that she did. Not only did this woman allow the person to remove the line which was in my name she also gave them my high security password.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Murfreesboro, TNWhen I found out that what she had done I contacted her at the store and asked her did she remember speaking with me, she stated that yes she did and I asked her why did she make unauthorized changes to my account she then stated that because the other party insisted on the change. I then asked her did she not remember me telling her that nothing was to be done to this account except paying the bill like I had instructed. She stated that yes she did remember this. I then told her she had no right to make any changes with that account being in my name .I asked for the owners number and she stated that she could not provide that. I asked for corps number. This woman did something she was not supposed to do because she felt like it and because the other person insisted on it. She needs to either be retrained at her job or let go because what she did was completely out of line. This incident happened on 5/3/17 at 1407 NW broad St ste a murfreesboro TN 37129 merchant id [protected] operator id [protected].

May 09, 2017

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