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Your website routes me to stores that are NOT near me at all. I called the numbers and have spoken to a total of 8 people, NONE of which could understand that I am in Irving/Las Colinas. EVERY one of your competitors is on MacArthur and you are not. I tried calling the customer service line and it kept routing me back to the auto attendant. The site is not updated because I called a supposed location for you, a Target, who had a phone. No metro pcs plan, just the phones. Very misleading. This does not warm me up to using this company at all. I mean if this much hassle just to get a plan, I could only imagine trying to get something resolved! It has been since Monday, 10 phone calls, 2 drive by's and 8 people and I have had no success finding a store to sign up on the metro pcs plan. How do these guys stay in business?

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  • Pi
      Mar 07, 2011

    Hey I have Metro and recommend if you are having such trouble, you shouldn't have taken half the trouble trying to get a plan.

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