Metro PCS / customer service/ negative employee performance

Los Angeles, CA, United States

I am a very long time and loyal Metro PCS customer and small buisness owner in the Culver City, California Community, every month i come to the same Metro PCS location to pay my bill. The customer service in the last 4 visits ive made has become increasingly lacking i.e: employees socializing on the sales floor instead of assisting customers, employees eating at counter, employees only speaking spanish between eachother then laughing which will of course make any non spanish speaking customer feel extremely uncomfortable. Today a newer associate "Mario" is what it says on my receipt, was busy flirting with a fellow employee, i had to walk up and actually greet him, i paued my bill, he took my number but didnt confirm my info, then i asked about an add for a free phone and his response was "No, not for you..." i was a little taken aback so i asked to clarify and he said "you gotta cone from another place...well check ya number..." then proceeded to tirn his attention, i was mid sentence TRYING to tell him i have my buisness cells in a different company and would like to switch all 4 of my lines to metro which would in fact qualify my for that offer, but he decided he was done with helping me and talked with the associate who looked to be leaving. He didnt say thank you, have a nice day, see you soon, good bye, nothing. Im not happy and i feel mu buisness is unappreciated frankly because today it was made clear to me it isnt. At all. I wouldnt accept half the disrespect Mario showed me today from any of my employees, not for one minute. They are the face of the buisness and need to respect the customers who keep their job on payroll or they should give their job to someone who will appriceate beung employed and treat customers how they should be treated. I hope Metro will reach out to me promptly and rectify this situation and i really hope next month that the atmosphere and employee performance is acceptable because today was not, not even close and i will not continue with metro pcs if there is no improvement.

Metro PCS

Oct 08, 2017

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